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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What happened to my energy?

I started washing my living room ceiling and walls this morning in prep for painting it but my energy ran out before I finished.  I did about 2/3 of the ceiling, and the narrow wall behind the TV, but just got too tired to continue.  I'll try to finish it tomorrow but may have to go back to Lowes for more TSP.  The paneling seems to have a dirty orange sheen coming off and I can't wait to get the ceiling painted white and the walls yellow.  

A notice came with the rent statement for the coming month, informing the residents that lot inspections will begin the first of April.  The dreaded weed police!  But wait, there's more!  The condition of paint on home, shed, mailbox, etc. will be noted, as well as any containers, ladders and such that may not be left outdoors.  I have my son Joe's extension ladder in the back of the house and doubt that it will fit in the shed, so I guess it will have to go back to Joe. 

If I could I would get the hell out of this mobile home park and never again live in a gated community of any kind. The location is ideal though, which is the best thing about it.  That, and the fact that I have no place else to go.  I like the house well enough and feel safe and comfortable  in it, but I hate the constant obsession with rules, especially when enforced in an arbitrary manner.  The man who lives on one side of me has long hair and can be a little bit of a smart aleck sometimes, and the management here makes sure he is dinged for every little "infraction", while others skate by with the same things.  He is a perfectly nice and helpful neighbor, and I hate to see either one of us being discriminated against.  I would rather see a ladder in someone's back yard than 100 garden gnomes in another's postage stamp sized front yard.

I thought I could just drive up to the elephant park at San Andres, but today when I looked online to find out the hours of operation I found that they are only open 1 day a month and you evidently need reservations.  In addition, the elderly woman who ran the park died a week or so ago, so I wonder how that will change things.  Her partner is still living, but whether he will remain in control of the park is not certain.

Several people commented on my post yesterday regarding zoos.  I don't like zoos and will probably never visit one again, but there are some that perform a valuable service for the animals.  In an recent episode of Houston Animal Cops the SPCA confiscated a number of wild animals from a "roadside zoo" in a nearby county.  The animals included a tiger and several bears that spent their lives in captivity, in cages so small they could not stand up and could barely turn around.

The tiger ended up at a zoo, and to see that animal leave his enclosure and venture outdoors had me in tears.  He was so afraid, and never had walked on grass, but he finally made it to a small stream where he promptly went for a dip.  When taken to the SPCA quarters, the bears were housed each with a large oval galvanized tub, and each one of them saw the tub and immediately got into the water, splashing like kids.  These bears were also taken by a couple of different zoos and nature preserves where they could spend the rest of their lives in a natural habitat.  None could have been turned into the wild, and the zoos made them relatively happy and comfortable for the rest of their lives.  So it's a mixed bag, in my estimation, but as always there are at least two sides to every story.  I feel that humans who treat these beautiful animals with such cruelty should be locked up for life. 

I really wanted to drive someplace this weekend and get away from the city, but now I'm not sure where I would go.  Dang.

I'm also wondering what the effects of sequestration, assuming it will happen, will have on the operation of Lassen National Park.  I'm sure there will be noticeable effects, and I'm afraid maintenance will be the first thing to go.

Even with the uncertainties and problems in my life, today was a beautiful day.  I did get a little bit accomplished and I feel great!



  1. Love those last three words. I don't know what you are talking about though when you ask where went your energy. Good grief look at what you did. You are right of course about some places that make homes for wild animals who cannot be returned to the wild (we think) are better than others. Just seems like a game reserve in their native land would be a better place than anywhere here in this country.

  2. There ought to be a ban on roadside zoos! that's animal cruelty. I know that laws have been passed and people will be punished for cruelty to animals.

    I remember those horrible little kiosks with painted turtles! they finally outlawed that .. I hated the shopping malls with the fishing tanks! good lord!

    Well bummer on your inspection stuff.... I'd hate that too. I know when we moved into our house .. we live in the city limits of Little Rock... all kinds of thises and thats.

    Soooo I reckon no matter where you are ... there are rules. I can't even park an RV at my house ...

    Even on BLM land ... you have to move every 14 days? or well? it's always something... sigh

    Be interesting to see the changes at the Park! Would you sell? and become mobile again?

  3. Always a great feeling to get even a little bit done. I have had ironing in my kitchen since um, Saturday? ::laughing:: but I get a few shirts done everyday and who cares, I see the pile getting smaller and my closet filling up. It's all good. :)
    It's important to rest when your body tells you to. We may want to do more, but that sleep is needed, and naps are a good thing. Drives me nutz to sleep in the middle of the day now, but if I didn't I would be in bed for the night before 7 pm. A little afternoon siesta never hurt a thing. :)

    You make a great point about zoos. I get a little sad everytime I visit the one here in DC, but I guess the purpose is there. Ours is a research zoo, so a lot of advances are made in sustaining species in the wild, but it doesn't mitigate the fact that the animals are unnaturally caged in captivity. I wonder, really what is the answer.

    I hope you get your beautiful weather Friday and a nice drive to visit some of the places you mentioned. I know one of the reasons I do like to look at prospective homes [I hate house hunting] is because we get to drive through the mountains of VA and WV. It may be winter, but the views never cease to take my breath away.
    Sweet dreams! xo Skip

  4. I know living way out in the country is not for everyone, but way out here we have no rules. No one to tell us what kind of mailbox we can have or that we can't park our RV in our driveway. I know we have to drive to town and don't have any (well DQ) restaurants close to go eat at but we gladly give all that up to have our freedom here. Funny when with you talking about zoos, living where there are so many rules you feel like you live in one. Or at least I did when we lived in town.
    Get some rest and don't over do it.
    You are making great headway.

  5. Come on over to the swamp this weekend. We'll go for a boat ride. :)