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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Identifying flora and fauna

I know from reading blogs that many RVers are avid birders. Judy who writes "Travels with Emma" is an avid birder, but also seems to know all about plants and animals, wildlife habitat, etc. I go through spurts where I want to know all about the birds and plants of a particular area I'm in, and then like a Gypsy, I'm gone and move on to another locale. I have been trying to think of a flowering tree I had all along one property line of my place in North Carolina. It's been weeks, and I think "it begins with an "M"; but no, it might begin with a "C". Tonight I just did a google search for flowering trees of the southeast, and it jumped off the screen at me: CRAPE MYRTLE. I think this is the time of year my trees bloomed, and they were beautiful.

I'm a little despondent about how difficult it is going to be to take all my belongings back with me. They just won't fit! I retrieved a canvas carrier from the Asheville storage but wouldn't have a clue how to strap it securely to the top of the Highlander, or what I could put into it. I remember when I got it I was preparing to travel back to Asheville from CA after Bill died, and I had to drive like a bat to get to the funeral in Cincinnati on time. To add to the challenges, I-80 was closed for about 36 hours at Rock Springs, Wyoming, and I had to spend two nights in the last motel room in town, at the LaQuinta. I know one of the items I had in the carrier was a printer I bought in Sacramento, still in the box. One of my sons set it up for me, so maybe Mike will do the same for this trip. It cuts the fuel economy which I don't like to do, but I also don't want to leave anything here if I can help it.

Both the membership card and the Triptik reached Ara today, so I can travel without worrying about that. I have done what I can and now I have to let go. I know it will be even harder for my daughter, but when you raise a child to be independent you know the day will come when they spread their wings and fly off on their own adventures.

Now if I could just figure out where to build my next little nest.


  1. Let your son help you out getting everything packed. Just worry about you and Lady if you have to worry about something. :)

  2. I like Crape Myrtle. They are very pretty and give good shade.
    How about shipping the extra stuff?

  3. Isn't that why we had kids? So they could help us out when we needed it? And you just might surprise yourself with how creative you can get about fitting things in. And I don't think the carrier will cut your gas mileage by too much. Now driving 80 mph down the road definitely will so don't do that.

  4. Could you box up a few things and have them sent ahead to a friend or relative in the city where you are headed?

    Or you can have the parcel held at the UPS location in a city of your choice for pick up by you when you get there.

    If you send the parcel via UPS and choose the slowest method, maybe you will get there before the parcel. But in any case, they will hold it for you for a few days.

    Virtual hugs,


  5. I know what you mean by not being able to identify plants & birds. Seems so hard to remember what everything is all the time. I've never heard of that Crape Myrtle before. Know what you mean as well by trying to pack everything in. It's almost an art for in itself.

  6. Tell Mike that your stuff won't fit and the roof rack doesn't work and he will race down there to prove you wrong! As for the Crape Myrtle, Meg and I have one in our back yard in Sacramento. I hated that damn tree because the pretty pink flowers would end up everywhere. I damn near cut the thing down and it grew back with a vengance. Megan's parents had two and I swear Mike spent hours a day cleaning those little flowers out of the pool.. He was smart enough to cut the trees down and take the stumps out! Like most pretty things, they are a pain in the ass to maintain!