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Monday, July 11, 2011

Mostly finished

Denise and I finished the repacking this morning and lined up the boxes in storage until the shipper comes Wednesday.


I don't know why the two lines of code are visible in the blog, and I don't know how to get rid of them.

We worked until about noon and stopped for lunch.

Denise then checked out of the motel and started back to Durham. I took a lot of stuff to a Goodwill drop-off point and then came back to my room for a nap. I picked Lady up at about 5 pm, and she will spend the day there again tomorrow. I've decided that I don't need to make any more trips to storage, so I'll just keep her with me on Wednesday and leave her in the motel room while I'm meeting the shipper. She sleeps all the time anyway and I'll leave the A/C on for her.

I was shocked when they weighed Lady this morning - she weighs in at 87-1/2#, which is the most she's ever weighed. I don't understand what it could be except maybe the boys are giving her too many treats. She doesn't overeat - at least I don't think she does. I set down a bowl of food a day and she eats it when she wants it, usually during the night. I know the extra pounds aren't good for her bones, and she sometimes goes down to the floor very slowly as if she is in pain or else her joints are stiff. Poor thing.

And here is a picture of Napoleon:

I will probably turn in early this evening as I am still tired. I think I am losing my voice, which could be the air quality and allergies, or that I've talked too much over the past couple of days. Probably a little of both.


  1. Hi: Regarding leaving Lady in the room Wednesday. Perhaps you should hang the "do not disturb" sign on the door when you leave. You don't want the maid to open the door and let her out. And she may want to go looking for you. Or have her leash tied to a table leg or something. Nothing worse than having a dog disappear in a strange town.

  2. I think that was some good advice Phil had there. You will be glad to finally get all this packing & shipping stuff behind you.

  3. Lady's mobility would probably improve if you add some Glucosmine Chondroitin to her diet.
    I have to give it to my arthritic cat, or she limps. My cat has to have 400mg. per day, and I can get it anywhere, even the Dollar General.

    Now that Lady is getting older, she should also have a daily meal of good canned or fresh food. A 'dry only' diet very often hurts their kidney and liver functions. I know that you feed her Organix, which is a great food, and I feed it to my 15 year old dog, along with "Taste Of The Wild", but I feed her a little of the Organix canned, along with some dry. Older dogs need MORE protein than when they were younger:

    Letting her self feed, also taxes her digestive system. She would be better having just two meals a day, one wet. Her 'poopy' times will be more predictable, too.

    Feeding her right is cheaper than expensive vet bills.

    Happy Tails, and Trails, Penny, TX

  4. Boy you have gotten a lot accomplished. You girls are quite the workers.

    I've always thought that visiting is actually much more fun if you are working together. Just sitting around and chatting never seems quite the same.

  5. You and your cousin look a lot alike. Glad you have all this work behind you, and now you can relax a little. Hope Lady is ok. She is such a beautiful animal. Your cousin's dog is pretty too. Stay safe.

  6. Our Scooter is on a diet and is not happy about it. But we have got to get about another two pounds off her because of her back. She's down a pound and I can already tell she's feeling better. Sure glad you got that storage shed taken care of.