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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Finally made it to Asheville

I left the motel early this morning, like at 6:30 a.m.. I wanted to get at that lock early so I would have time to do something about it if the key didn't fit. Well, didn't fit! I quickly called "my" locksmith here in the Asheville area, Steve Fox whose business is aptly named "fox on the Run", and he came over to the storage right away and opened the lock so fast I couldn't believe it. He also gave me a used lock (that works) he had on hand so I wouldn't have to buy a new one for the few days I'm here. If anyone in the Asheville/Swannanoa/Black Mountain area needs a locksmith I can recommend Steve without hesitation. He also works with lawn mowers, weed eaters, etc. He's honest and the charge is reasonable. That's my plug for today.

I decided to take I-81 to I-26 and into Asheville that way. I normally go down I-77 and then west on I-40 from Statesville, but I knew that 77 would be socked in by fog and mist in the vicinity of Fancy Gap. I should have gone through Fancy Gap. The GPS, which I was beginning to like, routed me on I-381 to I-26. I figured I-381 was an interstate the 26 miles to I-26, but NO. The interstate part of it ends after about a mile, then you drive through Bristol VA/TN (one side of the street supposedly is in Virginia, and the other side is in Tennessee). I ended up going 26 miles on a regular highway that went past Walmarts, Lowes, auto dealers, gas stations, and every fast food chain you could name. Then when I finally arrived at I-26 the speed limit was 55mph. The worst is that I could have stayed on I-81 for a few more exits and then picked up I-26 where they intersect. A GPS isn't much good if you have to check them before going anywhere you need a GPS. I think I will write a letter to Garmin.

The plan is to enjoy visiting with my cousin for the two days she is here, and if I can get a bit of work out of her I will be pleased. You know these young kids though, they love to stay up late and sleep in late in the morning. (She recently took an early retirement from a career with the EPA). I hope to bring a few boxes at a time to the motel and sort through them and repack the boxes. I took a quick look this morning and I think I will be able to get it done by Wednesday afternoon.

It is warm here - not uncomfortable to me although the dog can't stay in the car for long. I found a bit of shade at the storage and opened all the windows, and did the same at a few other stops. One stop I've been looking forward to is breakfast at the Huddle House. Since I wanted something quick so as not to be reported for dog abuse, I only ordered the biscuits and gravy, but the next visit there I intend to get the bacon and eggs, and best of all, the grits! (Sorry Canadians).

I drove by the vet's office that I used to take Lady to, and stopped in to see if by any chance they board dogs during the day. I am in luck, and I have her scheduled for doggie daycare on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! I haven't told her yet but they are going to clip her nails as well, and I won't have to watch. It has always taken 3 people to hold her down, and one to cut the claws. I just hope she's chilled out a little since she's gotten to be an old Lady. I had considered the possibility of boarding her for at least a day, so I brought her shot records with me. Good thinking, Marty!


  1. I love grits! But only if a Southerner makes them.

    Not worrying about Lady being over heated will help you focus on the task at hand. And does the vet remember Lady's dislike for nail trimming?

  2. That nail clipping thing is very traumatic for both us and our dogs. Just hate it. We always have somebody else do the girls - we tried and decided it wasn't worth it. Jim would sure join you for the bacon, eggs and grits. His favorite breakfast ever. Good luck with the moving stuff. It'll be so good to be rid of that storage unit.

  3. That day care for Lady is an excellent idea. I really need to get Emma's nails trimmed also. I will be boarding her for a few days next week while I made a whirlwind tour back to SD for my license renewal. Maybe I can get it done then.

  4. Cats and dogs don't give me any trouble when I cut their nails. Maybe because I have been doing it for 60 years. I just DO IT, and don't give them time to think about it.

    Dogs and cats who are worried about it, have had their nails cut too short at some time. If the little vein inside their claws is cut, it hurts so they remember that. On a white nailed animal, you can see the blood inside it. Just don't cut closer than natural curve of the nail.

    All the walking that Lady and Emma do, they shouldn't need their nails cut.
    Happy Tails, Nails, and Trails, Penny, TX

  5. I don't even use my GPS anymore. It has led me astray too many times. I use google maps and then check them with a real live paper map which happily the states still make and will even still send to you if you ask. Amazing. Hope they don't quit doing it. I just don't understand how folks like GPS.

  6. I don't have a GPS, never liked them, couldn't hear over the diesel anyway.
    Doggy daycare is a good idea. maybe they could give her a bath too.
    Good luck on your packing. Where are you moving your stuff to?

  7. I bought the PediPaws for Angel. I should do it more often, though.
    I really like grits with an over easy egg, salt and pepper on top.

  8. I love my Tom Tom. I guess all of the GPSes mess up sometimes though. I just about always print a route out from Yahoo or Google also, and then compare them for the best route. I'm with you though, the damned things should take you the best routes. Have you checked your settings to see which roads or routes it is set for?

  9. Last year this time we were there in the Asheville area & loved it so much. Enjoy it for us!!!!!!