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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Shipping Service, 2nd post 7/5

In response to a request from Teri, who didn't leave an email address so I could reply, I want to say a bit about the service I referred to in my post today. Here is the link to the company: TransitSystemsInc
The person I spoke with explained the options - I could use motor freight, which is cheaper, but any furniture would have to be bubble wrapped for them to include it. They also can provide professional movers to come in and prepare items for shipping but it costs more.

My sister sent some furniture from her house in Clermont FL a few weeks ago, when she sold the house and moved back to CA. She seemed to be satisfied with this company, and the items shipped here arrived in good shape. TransitSystemsInc was the first name to appear when I googled moving companies, and I later found out it was the same company my sister used.

You can request a quote online but I called the 800 number as I prefer to speak to a person. I didn't have a clue how heavy my shipment would be, but in talking to me about what was included the rep came up with an estimate, made the quote and gave me a quote #, and answered my concerns and questions.


  1. Thanks for the reply and in case you need it in the future my email is night.day.studio@gmail.com. I guess I should put my email on my profile.

  2. Another thought about the chair: Consider buying some roof racks for the car, like they use for skiis and kayaks. Not too expensive, Wrap the chair in plastic or canvas, and tie down securely. I can't remember, perhaps you already have roof racks. I tried to go back and see, but I would lose this message.

  3. You DO have roof rails, so just a piece of plywood to make a platform and you are all set. You just have to remember the extra height when going into a parking garage or under a canopy. Just a thought if the shipping quotes are out of sight!

  4. I really don't know anything about shipping, but am sure you will come up with some kind of solution. Your pictures are great, and it is entirely up to you how you take them. Stay safe.