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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Routing problems

I think a big problem I have traveling in a car as opposed to an RV is the fact that I can't always find a reasonably-priced, pet-friendly motel along the way. Motel 6 has very reasonable prices, allows pets, and never charges a fee for them. The trouble is that they are almost always along the interstates.

In doing a search in the area of UP Michigan, the pet friendly motels and inns often charge up to $20 a night extra for a pet. There is bo way I will pay that much for a dog who only sleeps in the room, doesn't bark, doesn't chew on furniture, and stays off the bed.

I am tentatively planning to drive across New York and through Erie, PA, Cleveland and Toledo, OH, and then up through Michigan, west following the shores of Lake Superior, and then passing through WI and MN in the northern part of the states on US highways. When I get to Fargo, ND I will decide from there, but in driving to NY I really liked US 12 and would like to follow it all the way west this time.

I've seen enough of the south and middle of the country over all the years, and as far north as I-80 which I could probably travel on auto pilot. Driving to New York in May I really liked Idaho and Montana, and vowed I would be back. In May I had problems with the wind and thunderstorms, but in August I am afraid I will be hit with the heat. Too bad because there is no way I can get back to avoid the high temps in August.

So I am still left with the problem of where to stay at night along the way. I like to have several possible stops lined up each day so that i have a choice of when and where to stay the night. I could never plan a 3600 mile trip where every stop was already decided in advance - I like to be more impulsive and spontaneous, although it causes me some frustration and worry that I might not find something this time. I did that when I had the 5th wheel, often wondering if I would ever come to a suitable campground. I guess I still have the tent option this trip.

When I wrote yesterday's post I should have clarified my statement about what makes life worth living. I mainly write about my own thoughts and feelings - it IS my blog after all - and when I think about what is most meaningful in my life it is my children and grandchildren at the top of the list. If I was happily married or in a partnership, or if I had no children, my answer might be different. I realized a long time ago that my four children are my treasures in life, and nothing in the world has given me greater joy, satisfaction, grief and heartache than those four. Now I have grandchildren and the feelings are exponentially multiplied. I make no apology for my feelings, nor would I call anyone to task for a different way of thinking. And I certainly didn't mean to imply that there is nothing else that makes life worth living - I was stating what comes first in my life. YMMV! (Your mileage may vary.)


  1. Hi Gypsy, I am not an RVer but enjoy reading the blogs of people who do. Deciding on mode of travel is certainly up for grabs. Going by car, staying at B&Bs, motels or just tenting occasionally seems reasonable,simple and cost effective. The road of least resistance in these changing times seems the right one to take. Everyone has their own comfort zone and finding that is key. Less is really more.

  2. Gypsy: As much as I love my cats, I think travel is hard on animals unless they were born on the road and know nothing else. Many may beg to differ. As far as what makes like worth living, many have differing opinions on that as well. It all depends on the cards you were dealt and how you played them. Every day is a new day with new challenges. Keeping things simple and manageable and not allowing our expectations to get too high.


  3. Is there any chance Lady could sleep in the car a couple of nights? If the weather cooperates that is. She behaves so well. Our beagle would have preferred to sleep in the car rather than in the motel with us. Just a suggestion.

  4. Many campgrounds have cabins that you can stay in if the weather is too hot/cold/rainy to use your tent. There still may be a problem with Lady, though. Each place will have its own rules, of course.

    Do you belong to Passport America? Their directory may help you find suitable places to stay for a reasonable price, and you can call ahead to see if they have rental trailers/cabins, and about the pet policy at any given campground.

    I just looked at their site and they have a special category for "Tent Rate". The one campground that I looked at was $6., with the Passport America membership - $12. without.

    You can read or download their current directory online, and they offer free trip routing, which might come in handy for you.

    I looked at a particular campground (in New Mexico) because I have been there and have personal experience, and can recommend them. Here is what I found:


    They have a rental unit for the night for $45. for Passport America members. I don't know how that compares with motels these days.

    I can tell you that the owners were VERY accommodating, friendly and chatty. We stayed about a week, waiting for an opening in the local State Park. It was Spring Break, and the State Park was packed to the gills.

    We had a nice time there, and enjoyed many sightseeing trips around the area.

    Were I to be traveling in a passenger vehicle, I think I would still prefer to stay in a campground if at all possible.

    Virtual hugs,


  5. I.M. thinkin' y'all has every right to write yer blog howsoever y'all want. To reed most folks blogs you'd think they has the perfect marriage, the perfect RV, that all their kids and grandkids is perfect, that everywhere they goes is perfect, and that they also gots the perfect pet. Y'all keep a writin' and I.M. will keep a reedin'.

    Me and Nilda's blog

  6. Traveling with pets really does require some planning but your lady sounds worth it.

    A few years ago I took the route through Ohio into Michigan, the UP, Wisconsin and Minnesota. It was beautiful and cool. I know you'll love it.

    Safe travels!


  7. You don't have to stay in Toledo .. we are in Adrian MI about 45 miles west of there .. and are more than welcome to pitch a tent here and use our facilities in the coach!

  8. just wondering if you ever gave thought to an Aliner they have some really small light weight models that would be just enough to keep you off the ground. they have a model that is just for sleeping and keeping a few things stored.

  9. A teardrop trailer might be something to consider. It's basically a bedroom & outdoor kitchen. If you pulled a 5er this would be nothing for you.

    Raising children that you are proud of is a wonderful thing and I don't think you need to apologize for saying so. Those of us with children we're not so proud of or no children can certainly be happy for you.


  10. When we traveled cross-country a few years ago with our dog I used a directory that I got from AAA. It listed all the AAA approved motels and hotels that accept pets and provided a lot of other useful info as well. We were on a quick coast-to-coast trip and I don't know what I would have done without it.

    You may already have something like this but if not, I highly recommend it. Here is a link to the AAA one from Barnes and Noble. http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/traveling-with-your-pet-aaa-publishing/1100478483?ean=9781595084392&itm=1&usri=aaa%2bpetbook

  11. Know what you mean about not planning all that reservation stuff. Not for me either. I'm like you & much prefer the impulsive and spontaneous route. Doesn't always work out but at least it's not boringly precictable