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Friday, June 17, 2011

Some photos from the trip east

I am not very happy with Blogger today - the comments aren't with the relevant photos, and one of the pictures appears twice even though it is only printed in my blog once. No, I CANNOT use LiveWriter - it doesn't work on a Mac.

These are from my film camera; first, some from AZ.

The road underwater in SD:

Little town on the prairie, DeSmet, SD


  1. I can't believe people are still telling you to use Live Writer!

  2. Did I miss what you said about the monitor or have you not got the results yet? All the pictures are great. Glad Lady like the new auto, and that there will be enough room for everything.

  3. Enjoyed the photos....and yeah...blogger is being a total pain in the "@#$%"!

  4. Well the pictures are great and I can easily understand the text. As I said before, Live Writer is as much of a pain as not having it. But Blogger is the worst for sure.