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Monday, June 27, 2011


I find myself walking through the stores, from grocery stores to hardware, and looking at every item with the criterion of "How will it fit in an RV?", or thinking to myself that a particular food item is the perfect size for an RV kitchen. On the rare occasions I visit a Walmart I always walk down the RV products aisle. I know it's just a habit, but I wonder if I will ever shake it (or if I want to).

Though I spend a lot of time researching small to tiny RV's, I promise myself I will never again jump into buying anything, but will take the time necessary to know it is the perfect fit for ME. To be truthful I haven't yet run across anything that is calling my name although some units come pretty close. Cost is a big factor and I'm adamant that I'm not going in over my head, tempting as it may be.

In the meantime I'm rejoicing with Susan and Barb as well as others who have recently entered the full time RVing life. I hope you have wonderful travels, see beautiful sights, and meet only the friendly folks out there.


  1. Thanks, Gypsy. I am really enjoying full-timing so far, and I haven't really traveled yet. I love everything about my little 24 footer, The Palms. I sure hope you are able to find something that is a perfect fit for you, too. It's still in your blood, you are still a Gypsy! :)

  2. I have to agree with me n dog. Otherwise u wouldn't be Gypsy!!
    And, about time u got back here. lol

  3. I am in the habit of walking down RV product isles as well & I imagine even if we didn't have an RV I would probably still walk down them just to see what's new. We went through a Class B, 2 Class C's, a Travel Trailer & a 5th Wheel before we arrived at the Motorhome that finally suited us best. That was a big learning curve for us & a lot of good darn money wasted!!

  4. I hope you get everything all worked out. I know it has to be hard trying to figure out what, where and why, but you will get there. I'm pulling for you.