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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Getting tired of medical appointments

Maybe I should have left well enough alone. Once you get sucked into a medical system they won't let you go, and find all sorts of meds and tests you need. Today was the visit with the ob-gyn, which I was glad to get out of the way. She wrote the prescriptions the way I asked her to, and then said she wanted to see me in two weeks to go over the test results. Well duh, if the test is negative, as it's always been, then there is no reason to "go over the test results" except to charge Medicare and Blue Cross for another visit. I kept smiling while I made the appointment in two weeks, and plan to cancel it in one week. Now I just have to schedule a mammogram.

There was no one in the office to tell me about the monitor, so I brought it back home where it will sit until I can figure it out. I could call the company that sent it out, but I absolutely hate talking on a cell phone because I can't make out what they are saying on the other end. I don't have that problem when talking with someone who is on a land line. Also the odds of reaching someone who speaks English with a heavy accent are very high, and I just don't want to deal with it.

The medical office is just over 6 miles from here, and I managed to say every profanity I have ever heard at least once in the 6 miles back. Having lived in Ireland for 3 years and spending some time in the pubs frequented by trawlermen, I can cuss with the best of them! I don't know what I have gotten myself into - die a premature death from a heart attack, or visit a medical person twice a week.

I figured out one thing that is certainly different in this part of the country - I'm actually perspiring! I don't mind since the wrinkles smooth out just a little each time I check the mirror. No doubt about it that it's hot, but no more uncomfortable than Sacramento is during the summer. I may feel differently by the time we get to July.

If I ever get a week to myself with no appointments I would like to drive over towards the Berkshires, which would give me some photo-ops and something to write about, maybe. I think tomorrow I might drive over to where there are several used car lots and check out some small SUV's, or maybe a hatchback or sedan.


  1. You'll get it figured out Gypsy, I have had a wacky heart beat for most of my adult life and finally got some attention 8 or 10 years ago. They messed around with some meds and got things tuned up and that did the trick till last year when we did some adjustments. I am off for my annual checkup next week and hoping all is well. Feels OK to me but then they tell me I am asymptomatic and don't feel it going out of wack.

    I figure as long as I can keep doing whatever I like it is working good enough for me. Stick with it and you will OK.

  2. The further you stay away from doctors the better you feel. My wife and I don't trust typical medical doctors. They are just after the money. Not like the ones I used to have that made house calls. Remember those days?

  3. Is there a reason you didn't insist that the doctor show you how to use that monitor?

  4. Having worked in a Medical School at one of "the best universities in the south", I can agree that in the past 20 years few if any doctors are in medicine for the love of it or desire to help. They go into the most lucrative specialty they can find.

    Hope you can get away from them soon and get on your way.


  5. Gypsy, I'm glad you're getting all your appointments taken care of. It is a pain to do everything all at once, but then you'll be done for a while. I tend to do the same thing, and I'm about due, too. Take care, I hope the rest of the appointments and tests go well.

  6. I just did a "Google" and found all kinds of sites for Heart Event Monitor Instructions. Here is one:


    Hope it helps you out.

  7. It sure will be nice to get all of this out of your way though. Stall amazed that no one showed you how to even use the monitor. Stay cool, you will get there.

  8. Sorry, still amazed.... :)