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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I ran errands this morning, and when I was getting my hair cut the rain came down heavily. From the hairdresser I went to Walmart, always a disappointment to me for one reason or another. I knew they did 1-hour film developing, and when I gave them the film I asked for 1 print each plus a CD with all the pictures. It is written on the order envelope, but when I got home and looked I didn't find a CD. The color on the photos seems to be sharper than that of my digital camera, and I think the composition is better as well. Now I will have to wait until I get back to Sacramento and dig out my scanner/printer before I can post any of them. There are a few pics from Little Town on the Prairie, plus a couple driving through the lake in South Dakota! I didn't realize it but had started the roll of film when I was in Arizona, and there are some really nice sunset pictures on it. I'm glad to have the photos because I won't be going back to Arizona, and the sunsets were the best part about it.

The windshield wiper got a good workout this morning, and I have become a lot more familiar with the settings. In my estimation they put too many things on that one little stick, and when you aren't familiar with it in the first place, it is almost impossible to quickly find what you are looking for. I love driving the Toyota and am so glad I got it when I did. It will just take me a little longer to get used to than it would have 10 or 15 years ago.

I went over to BJ's to get s fleece throw for the back of the Highlander, which will hopefully catch a lot of the dog hair. The cargo space looks very small compared to my truck, and to what my memory recalls about the back of my Jeep Grand Cherokee. I'll get the dog in first and then whatever else I can stuff in next to her! As I said before, it is so clean and smells so good I just hate to put the dog into it.

While I was waiting for the photo developing I got a call from a tech at the company that provided the heart monitor. I explained that I look at it every day intending to figure it out, but I don't understand it any better and give up in frustration. For one thing there are supposed to be two different electrodes, and the instructions are adamant that the white patch goes here and the black patch goes there. I went through both packets of electrodes and they are all exactly the same. The tech was all apologetic and promised to have someone explain it to me thoroughly when I got home and called her back. Before I called was when I examined all the electrodes and thought "what the hell, they can't explain this to me if they even believe me". I may have trouble reading the fine print, but I can tell black from white! So of course I didn't call, which is just procrastination at its worst.

I used the blood pressure machine at Walmart to see how much difference there would be - I didn't take any bp meds today. From 103/49 yesterday it went to 95/59 today. That doesn't look a whole lot better to me. If I can get through this mini crisis I swear I will never consult another doctor again, for anything. They never heard of the old saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". I had no problem with my cholesterol or my blood pressure to warrant changing to designer drugs. It is my experience that all doctors will try do just that.

I'm seeing deer in the yard just about every day now, and there were 4 wild turkeys in the front yard this morning. The tall trees and hilly terrain are so beautiful here I don't know how I will feel when I return to Sacramento. The west is ok, but my heart will always lie in the east.


  1. Remember, doctors are only practicing medicine!

  2. I thought that you were staying in New England. Now you say you are returning to California? Guess I am confused, but I get confused quite often.

  3. Remember they call high blood pressure the "silent killer". If you don't look after yourself it may be dangerous. And for my money killing me is not the worst it could do. Don't want to be a slobbering idiot that needs someone to care for all my needs. Kill me quick is better.

  4. In some respects we are such opposites - it just cracks me up. I lived on the East Coast for 15 years and to be honest with you, I could care less if I go back there again. I love AZ and the desert - which you don't like. But we agree on the medication stuff. I do take my blood pressure pill - a half a one not a whole one. And I see the doctor once a year. That's more than enough.

    Sure glad you're likin' your new ride. Once you figure it out, it'll because so comfy and familiar - just like the truck.

  5. I'm afraid I have to disagree on the monitoring the blood pressure thing. I think a doctor monitoring your meds is the thing to do. Why take a chance. They certainly know more than I do about such things. What you do is your business, so I won't say any more.

  6. I still don't understand why the Doctor's office doesn't have you come back in so they can hook you up to the monitor. I would have already told some one off. Hang in there, you will get help with it sooner or later, cause they will need their machine back. I love seeing deer and turkeys out in the country.

  7. Having worked in a medical center for 25 years I totally agree that putting you on meds is the first thing doctors seem to want to do and in my experience I always feel worse than I did before I went to see them.

    AND I also agree with you about the desert. I just dries me out completely. I've had burning dry eyes ever since I went into W. Texas. That's all the way through NM, AZ and now into UT. Love the green and water of the East coast. Why do you have to go back??