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Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Highlander

I had a few dizzy spells yesterday morning, so I didn't drive at all. This morning I went to A&P to buy the Sunday newspaper and didn't need to park at the back of the lot. I started to turn wide as I always did with the Ford, thinking I would have to back up and straighten it out but I ended up with a perfect parking job. I am going to love driving this vehicle.

I'm so used to limiting my driving and trying to consolidate trips to minimize fuel consumption, that I haven't thought of anyplace I really need to go. I guess I'm better off being conservative, even at the increased miles per gallon I will get. I'll find somewhere to go tomorrow though.

Yesterday the tree was cut and cleared off the driveway, and the debris taken back to the edge of the woods. You can still hear chainsaws and wood chippers in the neighborhood. Since I helped move parts of the downed tree I have been really tired today. Tomorrow is a new day and I am going to make the most of it. I only have one appointment this week, the dentist on Wednesday, I would like to enjoy the time and may drive north for a ways into a more rural part of the county.


  1. Nothing like a quiet rural country drive to sooth unsettled nerves. And now you can do it without having to fret over heavy fuel bills. I once had one of those small Honda Civics & I could seemingly cruise forever without ever having to worry about gas. What a nice change this is for you:))

  2. I definitely think you need to head out into the country. That always makes me feel better. And how nice not to feel panic when you have to fill up which won't be near as often. Enjoy your day tomorrow.

  3. Love your new car Gypsy. My daughter (the one in the Napa area) has a 2005 Highlander -- same color as yours!! She's been nothing but happy with hers and I like driving it when I am out visiting her.

    I hope you do take a nice drive into the countryside tomorrow or soon. It's beautiful country up there!!

    Also glad that you are getting your medical needs looked into and tended to.

  4. NICE CAR! Glad you found something you like. Will you be able to go camping in it? Will it hold your tent and camping stuff?

  5. I love country drives. No matter where we are, I always plan at least one drive. You can just relax and enjoy. You need that right now. Stay cool.

  6. A nice drive in the country sounds like a great idea. I think Emma and I may do that this afternoon!