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Thursday, June 9, 2011

I made the day turn out OK

With a list of items to accomplish today I began with a call to the lab to arrange a mammogram. I was immediately put off when I was told I needed to have an original film of my last mammogram sent to them so I said "forget it". I may see if I can get an appointment at the imaging center in Asheville if and when I get there. I don't intend to jump through hoops for anyone right now.

The temp has dropped nearly 20 degrees in just a few minutes, and we are being "hailed" upon pretty heavily, with thunder and lightning, very tall trees swaying all around the house, and rain so heavy it's blowing sideways in curtains across the yard.

After a not-so-good start to the day I got into my truck and drove to BJ's Warehouse to look around - it's a lot like Costco and it's just a few miles from here. Then I decided to look at cars, and ended up at a Toyota lot nearby, where I test drove a Ford Escape and a Toyota Highlander, one of which I will decide upon and buy tomorrow morning. I'm trading in the truck (rather than selling it outright), and all the male sales personnel spent a lot of time gawking at the Ford with smiles on their faces. I will truly be sorry to say goodbye, but it's time. With a 6 cylinder SUV I can eventually pull something if I am ever so inclined. I am getting a decent trade in for my Truck, just a little better than I expected.

I wanted to let my grandsons help me empty out the truck bed this evening, so I hope the rain moves on. I've already taken some things out of it.

So I intend to move forward in my life, taking care of the health issues as best I can, but refusing to be an invalid in the meantime. I do get shortness of breath when I do too much but so far it hasn't been all that bad. (Well, sometimes it IS pretty bad!) You haven't heard the last from the Gypsy!

The power just came back on after being off for several hours. I was stunned to see a huge tree branch across the driveway and nearly into the house. Nothing was damaged, and my son was able to clear a lot of the branches away so that we can drive around the bulk of the tree.


  1. Okay - Toyota or Ford? Since Jim won't have anything but a GM product I would definitely not be any help in picking one over the other. I know you'll miss your truck but it will be so much easier to drive and park the new vehicle. And Lady won't care as long as she can stretch out. Sure glad that tree missed the house. It finally stopped raining here this afternoon but we have a 70% chance of more rain tonight and again tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing what you ended up buying.

  2. Sounds like you know how to keep in control. That was a real lucky break with the tree!

  3. We want a picture of that new car when you get it. I have both a Toyota and a Ford here at the house, but we purchased a Honda this last time because we need to pull it with the motor home.

  4. I have a Ford Escape - it's a 2001, but it still feels new to me. I'd never sell it, except I don't want to tow anything, so I'm selling it this month. It's been a super car for me, very easy to drive and maintain. Around 135K miles and still running strong.
    I don't know about the Toyota, but I think they are also a good, reliable brand. Good luck with your decision and purchase! :)

  5. Gypsy, we have a 2002 Escape that we put 175000 miles on it has been a very good car mechanically ,but you will only get 18-19 mpg with the 4 wheel drive model, That's the same as I get with my Duramax diesel. The Highlender may be more affordable to operate.Buying a 2 wheel drive Escape doesn't make much sense.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  6. That was good thinking on your part to chose a 6 cylinder engine with the thoughts of maybe towing something later. Our Santa Fe has been a great car for us but had we thought at the time to buy a 6 cylinder 4 wheel drive Santa Fe we probably would not have needed the Jeep a couple years later & could have saved ourselves a fair few dollars. All said & done, I still love the Jeep:)).

  7. Doctors/dentists from CA, WI, NY, NC? Don't you think it would be a good idea to park it in one place so all your medical records come together? I have heard about other RVers going to one location for yearly checkups/exams, but never heard about anyone playing musical chairs across the country with medical doctors.

  8. Gypsy, just wanted to tell you that part of Anemia is shortness of breath. I didn't know if the Doctor's or whoever had mentioned that to you.

    Glad your getting a new vehicle. Great that it will be big enough to pull something, if you decide that is what you want to do.

    Glad you all weathered the storm intact. Storms like that can be really scary!! Take care.. :)

  9. I have heard that mamograms cause more damage than they are worth. Just a thought. Good luck on picking the right vehicle for you.