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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The deer are still around, even though there aren't as many as I've seen in the past. It might be because I've usually been here in spring or fall when they have to go farther to find food.


On the Lake Michigan shore - I believe this is an art museum but it looks like a giant ship.

Lake Michigan:

My niece, Julie:

My sister-in-law, Wilma

I wanted to include some more photos but the problem started up again where they won't publish. I know many of you have suggested Live Writer but it DOES NOT WORK on a Mac. I wouldn't give up my Mac for anything. Also, Live Writer has nothing to do with why I can't see photos published on other folks' blogs. It's a mystery to me and some day when my energy comes back I will write to Blogger about it.

Today was another blood test day, this time fasting. The tests last week show everything pretty normal except I have major anemia, which is why I am so fatigued. I also have an appointment tomorrow with an ob-gyn who shares the office space with my doctor 2 days a week. This is so convenient to have three doctors in one place.

The event monitor came today and my heart sank. Talk about technology - I can't even read the directions nor can I understand anything I read. The whole thing is going with me to the doctor's office tomorrow where THEY can attached the electrodes and explain to me what I should do and how often. Then there is a matter of sending the results over a phone. Too much for me to think about!


  1. Hello, My mother dealt with fib problems about 5 years ago..she stayed in the hospital for 4 days while they got the right dosage figured out...so worth it! My friend with the same problem was automatically issued a pace maker...she is not a happy camper. It takes a bit of time and effort but in the long run it is worth it..if that is the problem. Also, one they decide the medicing give yourself six months to adjust...it will be different than what you are used to..take care...

  2. I can so relate to the anemia. I have pernicious anemia and have to have B-12 shots every month. Have been doing this for almost 30 years now and will have to until I die. Before they figured out what was wrong with me, I really thought I was dying. If I miss my shot by a couple of days I really begin to feel the fatigue. Sure hope you can get the Thing figured out.

  3. I understand the frustration with instructions, they make them unnecessarily complicated.

    I wonder if it might be because they are not longer written in this country?

  4. "I can't even read the directions nor can I understand anything I read."

    Well, I sure do understand what your saying there alright. Like you, I have trouble understanding things I am reading as well. Especially techy type stuff. Ive noticed it for the past few years now. Very frustrating & I know how you feel. For some us, I'd say this aging thing is beginning to be a bit of challenge!!

  5. Why, oh why, did they send you the monitor instead of hooking you up at the Doctor's office?? I have never heard of this...I was not only hooked up at the Doctors', but the machine told me when to remove it, and all instructions were given when they turned it on. I wish this was all easier for you. You don't need all this crap right now. Eat lots of liver for your other problem...:( Just kidding. I know it is nothing to laugh about, but hope it is an easy fix. Stay cool.

  6. Hope you get back to normal (or better than normal) real soon. We are all behind you with our thoghts and prayers.

  7. Hope there are some meds you can take for the anemia. Eating liver is something I just couldn't do...

  8. Marty, I'm in Ireland, but trying to keep up with you girlfriend is like swimming upstream in molasses. So sorry to hear your "trucks low on the petrol" but I know many dealing with the same problems. The MVP, I believe can be dealt with fairly easily. I had to do the monitor myself a time back. A real "pain in the arse". The anemia, maybe with lambs liver soaked in milk and then floured, S&P and cooked with sauteed onion, streaky bacon. Yummy! OR else, like the old days, A TBSP of Brer Rabbit"s dark molasses. Be good to yourself. Luv ya, Jill

  9. Marty,one more thought.I have been told to use "Firefox" for up-loading pictures etc to your blogs.
    It responds better with the Mac computer. -- I had a problem using Safari. Good Luck!