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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Deer photos , 2nd post 6/29

I apologize that I couldn't get the pictures any clearer, but if I had gone outside to take them the deer would have run away. Please click a couple of times to enlarge them. They were so cute - one of the fawns tried to nurse but the doe kicked her foot up and walked off, fawns eventually trailing behind.

I've already received a few comments on my earlier post, one asking if it was worth the expense of the trip to Asheville rather than pay the storage fee. The answer to that is I have been paying $85/mo for two years, and now the rate is going up to $95. I think it is worth the cost of the trip, plus there are several stops I would like to make on my way.

With the Highlander I can even think about driving the distance because the fuel cost should be that much lower than the truck. I figure I can get well into Virginia before I will need to refuel, and then top off just before leaving VA, which usually has the lowest prices of any state slong the route.


  1. You can't fool us Gypsy, we know you want to check up on the old family homestead there. What is the name, oh yah Biltmore something. Travel safe.

  2. Those little ones are just so darling. You'll have a great time driving down the coast. And I'd much rather put gas in your Highlander than in our Avalanche. Enjoy.

  3. Hey Gypsy, I can go that far in my motor-home and I only get 8 to 10 mpg. It is the size of the tank that counts (grin).

  4. Good luck on clearing out your storage bldg. That is what I am going to try to do tomorrow. I hope I can get everything I want to keep out, and find someone to help clean it out for the balance of the things I have in there!
    Sure I can't do it all in one day.

  5. Those deer almost look like Christmas lawn decorations, from last Christmas.

    Isn't the storage locker on a month to month basis? Maybe you could rent it for one more month (at $95) so you can complete your dental work. Then you won't have backtrack to New York.

  6. Oh, those deer are so sweet. How neat for you to find them there. Good luck on your travels and the cleaning out of the storage shed.

  7. My 2 storage sheds were already cleaned out when i went to get something out one day. So were 2 more next to mine. More on my blog.
    And thx for answering my question about the expense. See i'm not the only 1 to wonder.