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Monday, June 20, 2011

Not much to write about

I am not the only one who has trouble finding something to blog about lately. I hope I will have plenty though, when I make my return trip across country.

To answer several people who suggested that I get my own blood pressure monitor, I did just that. I've been taking a reading 1st thing in the morning but that's about it - I think it goes down some during the day. I will see the internist tomorrow at which time he will probably do another blood test. As long as the iron supplements are working I should be ok for now.

I've done a little preliminary research today to see what is involved with having a hitch installed on my Highlander. I might go by the service dept. of the dealer where I purchased it, and see what they would charge. From what I read the Toyota hitch is better quality and looks better than the cheaper after-market version, although I don't know if that is true or not. I may just wait for a while to see how I'm going to be feeling later on this summer, and if I even want to deal with towing. I am optimistic although time will tell. I just can't accept the fact that I'm washed up as far as traveling with some sort of camper, but I never thought I'd get my optimism back at all. As long as I can drive I will be happy, camper or not.


  1. Hang in there! I'm so glad you're keeping us up to date. We follow you faithfully. I hope all the medical stuff gets done soon.

  2. Finally getting caught up with you again. Just to even hear you thinking about a hitch is exciting news. You must be feeling a little better. And hopefully, soon, you will be feeling a whole lot better.

  3. I hear you! When I mentioned getting a smaller 5th wheel my family said, no, no you don't need one. Little they know, I am already looking!

  4. Might be a good idea to hold off on that hitch until you know for sure what your plans are. A hitch can be installed quickly. Whenever I get it in my head I want something I always seem to get it right away whether I am going to use it or not. I have had hitches on 4 of my last 5 vehicles because we have a utility trailer I routinely use. Those types of hitches are real shin bashers unless you take them off between uses. They do come off easily by simply removing a pin.

  5. My blood pressure is the highest when I wake in the morning and I don't think mine is that different than moat peoples. Yes, it can go up higher if I get too upset or eat salt, but normally it is highest in the morning.

    Good luck with the docs.

  6. I think that may be a smart move. In the meantime keep dreaming and it will happen for you.