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Friday, May 13, 2011

Wells, Nevada

I left Jeannie's this morning at 7:45, and stopped at the Motel 6 in Wells, NV at 3:45, so it's been a long day for me. I drove about 465 miles, which is just a little more than I like to do. Anyone who has driven I-80 through Nevada understands that there aren't many places to stop - the forecast for tonight is possible thunder-showers, and towards the end of the drive I noticed the cloud cover getting darker and lower. It's fairly nice here though, but a little cool. I'm going to be glad for a hot shower tonight, and I didn't want to spend a rainy evening or overnight with a big dog in a tent.

I stopped at a rest area after driving about 200 miles. There were very few people there, and most left while I was there. I used the facilities and then let Lady sniff around and do her thing. There was just one work truck with two men in orange work vests up near the restrooms; I finally put Lady back in the truck and then took a plastic bag back to pick up after her. After I dropped the bag into the waste can one of the men called to me that there was water for washing hands there. I walked over to the back of the truck and he stood there with a gallon jug of Calistoga Springs drinking water - I held out my hands and he generously poured water over them.

I was overwhelmed at such an act of kindness from a stranger, and it put a smile on my entire day.

I stopped for diesel at 287 miles, and when I resumed driving I tried to figure the mileage in my head. I verified it with my computer's calculator this evening, and was very happy. When pulling a 5th wheel I usually got 9-10 mpg; driving the truck to Arizona, and then back with the truck camper, was 12 mpg. Now that I have a cheap tonneau on the pickup bed, I actually got 16 mpg! I had heard that the cover adds a few extra miles per gallon, and had hoped it would be 14 or 15, but I'm just thrilled with what I got. I'll check it again after a few more fill-ups and see if the overall average holds.


  1. Keep on Truckin' and glad you're getting such good mileage.

  2. Wahoo!! Happy to hear you got a good start on your trip east. Wow, that's excellent info about putting a tonneau cover on the bed of the truck and getting increased gas mileage. I'll have to look into getting one!!

    Continued safe travels

  3. Sounds like your doing great. We had a very similar experience at a Rest Area in Arkansas on our way home just a few months ago. Two workmen in orange vests nearby as we picked up after our dogs & put the bags in the trash. One of the workman then approached us with something red in his hand. It was a portable doggy water dish someone had left behind & he wanted us to have it. Many people have no respect for Rest Areas & do not pick up after their dogs & I think it was this fellows way of saying thank you for helping him with his job & being respectful of his work place. I will always remember that.

  4. Bob and Carol HigginbothamMay 13, 2011 at 11:14 PM

    Wishing you safe travel as you head to the east!

  5. Sounds like a very successful first day. I'm glad you're all tucked in now in a warm, dry motel room. Great mileage! That will save you some money on your trip. It's almost double what I got in The Palms when I went to Vacaville.

    Have a great, safe day on the road tomorrow. :)

  6. Happy Travels! We'll look forward to following your adventures on your trip east!