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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I want to get this over with

My appointment with the oral surgeon is tomorrow morning, and I will be glad when it's over with even though I know I am in for some pain. I have enough of that now - way up into my head just above my eyebrows. Can't take this much longer!

I drove over to Best Buy this morning and returned the laptop charger - and got about $86 credited to my account. I also finally saw the charge from the motel for $2.78 postage to mail me the original charger. I'm happy that has all been taken care of.

On the way to and from Best Buy the road was blocked with fire equipment and traffic re-routed. I did super with finding my way around unfamiliar roads and back to US 9N again. It can be confusing because there is a 9N, a 9G, 9S, and a plain 9, and probably several others I haven't driven on. I just love this area as I've said several times before. It is rural even though there are a lot of houses and people, from older properties to new developments. Unfortunately, the developments are former farm lands, which I hate to see being used up for giant houses in large housing communities. So far the rural feel remains though, with tall green woods in just about every direction.

I won't be writing much in the coming days because I won't be doing anything except recuperating.


  1. How about farmland being used for a recycling/dump facility!! That is even worse. It's what we are dealing with now. I really admire your spirit for driving all the way across the States. I could never do that. Good for you!!
    I wish you much luck for tomorrow. Hopefully the pain will not be as much as you anticipate.

  2. Hopefully relief is on it's way this morning.

  3. You may not be posting during recuperation, but you gotta read all the good wishes from us and your other readers! Take care, and may this take care of what's bothering you!

  4. Sure hope everything went well today. I'm a day behind because of no internet yesterday. I just want you to not have so much pain.