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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Baraboo, WI

I haven't yet done the math but I think I've traveled somewhere near 380 miles today. I'm glad to be out of the truck. I can tell the results of my recent fall, the lack of exercise and stretching, as well as the osteoporosis and arthritis. It is absolutely hell growing old!

Tomorrow I will have a short day of driving and can take my time leaving for Milwaukee. I always did like leaving early though as the traffic is light to nonexistent. That is, unless you are near a large city.

It was nice to see all the green when I entered Minnesota this morning, but the green became greener as I got into Wisconsin. There was no place to take pictures of the Big Muddy (Missouri River) as I crossed the border into Wisconsin, so I just aimed the camera out of the car window and you can't really see very much.

I got a phone call while driving today from an 800 area code, but something made me answer it. It was the White House Inn calling to ask if it was ok that they charge my credit card for the postage to mail me the Apple charger. It should be waiting for me when I arrive in NY. I doubt if I will spend $80 for a backup cord - if this doesn't teach me a lesson then I shouldn't have internet access forevermore! I can check my email on my brother's computer when I'm in Milwaukee. If there was an Apple store in the neighborhood I might take the laptop in and ask them if I could charge it there in the store, but Apple stores aren't seen that often, and they are usually in large malls which I try to stay away from. Being without a computer for a couple of days won't kill me!

About the comment on Lady drinking out of the toilet, I might say that in all the motels I've stopped at so far this trip I haven't yet seen one toilet that had a lid to close. I don't know why they don't have them, unless it's just one more item to clean. I have known people who must go to work and be away all day, who leave the lid up so their pets will always have water available. It's true that you don't know what a motel cleans it with, but she is not a pedigreed dog - she is a tough mutt!

My great niece (aged 14) is going to stay with Lady while we go to visit Dianne in Chicago (actually Bensenville). We are only going down for the day and Lady should love not having to jump up into the truck, to say nothing of being happy with a new friend.
I will cut this short and maybe I will have enough power left for another day.


  1. Gypsy, I think that might have been the Mississippi river you crossed when entering Wisconsin.

  2. welcome to Wisconsin, our Summer home! We are over in Black River Falls doing a Historical Event this weekend.
    Hope you enjoy your time here!

  3. Another idea, buy a spare battery, provided they charge it overnight before you pick it up. But they can be pretty expensive, too. Maybe $110+. But an extra battery is nice to have when the original gets older and won't hold a charge. Or, if you want to be gutsy, buy a charger, then take it back the next day and tell them you found yours!

  4. Just do very short posts, just enough to let us know you are OK and where you are. Surely someone one your trip has a charger that will fit.

  5. There is an apple store at the Bayshore Mall, in Glendale. Bayshore Mall is off Port Washington Rd. and Silver Springs.
    I enjoy reading your posts/makes life seem "real" -as many things you do an go through are like all of us. Keep safe...

  6. If you go to a Walmart you can buy a car charger that fits the cigarette lighter and has a usb on the other end --plug it into your laptop while driving and it will charge up your laptop - I have one I use when we travel.... cost about 20 bucks -- safe travels -- i miss hearing from you

  7. That sure looks like the bluffs over the Mississippi near Winona, MN.

  8. Glad to see you are in Wisconsin!!! If we weren't heading north to the U.P. of Michigan for an anniversary party, I would drive south to meet up with you and say HI!

    How long are you going to be in Wisconsin?

    Karen and Steveio
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

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  10. It's been years since we were in Baraboo! We visited that area, saw the Circus Museum, the House on the Rock, and the International Crane Foundation. Everywhere you go, it seems there is something of interest to visit and learn about!

  11. Hope you can find a place to get charged up. Enjoy your side trip. Stay safe.