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Friday, May 27, 2011

A productive day

I think I got a lot accomplished today, considering having just completed a 3500 mile trip. First thing of course, was to buy a charger for my Mac. While at Best Buy I also bought a new Garmin Nuvi 1400 GPS. My old one was taking so long to make up its mind, and then after I had made a turn or missed one, would start recalculating. This caused me some problems so I decided I needed a new GPS with fairly new maps.

I came home and while the computer was charging I did some research on local oral surgeons, finding a practice within about 3 miles from here. The dentist was able to see me today, write me a prescription for antibiotics so I can have extraction surgery next Wednesday. It isn't as bad as I thought (or it might end up being worse), as I was under the impression the problem was an anchor tooth in a permanent bridge. That bridge is about 52 years old and it looks like it is still going strong. The tooth to be extracted is the one behind the bridge, so I won't have but one pulled on Wednesday.

Thanks very much to Sandie I found out my retiree blue cross plan has some dental coverage and I found this practice from a list of local preferred providers. I just hope they are good, but when you need someone and are in a strange place it isn't easy to make a choice.

I just remembered what humidity is. The temps are reaching close to 90 with some humidity, but not nearly as much as in the middle of summer. I personally like a bit of humidity as I think I wrinkle a bit slower. If I live to be 100 I hope I am still vain enough to worry about the wrinkles and aging process, although I really don't try to fight Father Time as much as I used to. It is pointless anyway.

When I thought about tenting in the Upper Midwest in the middle of May, I realized it might get chilly at night, but don't worry much about the cold. I have tented in freezing temps as well as snow and did fine. I never planned to tent every night at any rate, but what I didn't expect was the constant driving wind. As it turned out I really didn't feel like camping anyway, so the wind provided me a good excuse. But if any readers would like to use my experiences as a good example of what NOT to do, then by all means go ahead. I've made enough dumb mistakes in my life to provide a wealth of examples of what not to do, but then I've never claimed to be a role model one way or another.

Besides having soft green grass to roll around in as well as deer and fox trails to sniff, Lady is being spoiled rotten by my two little grandsons. They have fed her dozens of treats and constantly want to pet her. They also have me taking them out to my truck more often than I would like to go, and I have to lower the tailgate and lift them up, pull back the tonneau so they can inspect the contents of the truck bed, and sit in the driver's seat and pretend they are driving.

With all the driving done today I am starting to remember my way around. I've always loved the Hudson Valley and the rural look and feel of it. There is plenty of traffic though to keep me in reality. I find the people super friendly.

Tomorrow I'll try to post some pictures from my trip. And thanks to a chsrged battery I can start reading blogs again, although I don't know if I will ever catch up on those I missed.


  1. So glad you found someone to see you so quickly. I had the same issue - I thought the pain was coming from my anchor tooth on a bridge that has to be 35 or 40 years old. But no pain now so I'm a happy clam. Glad Lady is being loved to death. And sure hope you start feeling a whole lot better soon. Looking forward to your pics.

  2. Good luck on the tooth thing. I have followed you the whole way accross the country in spirit only. You just seemed to be able to out run most of the severe weather that was following you.
    BTW, the TX Gulf Coast, where I live, has extremely high humidity, but we still seem to get wrinkles (grin).

  3. I've learned you can miss a few days of blogs and still be caught up. If anything really important has happened you can always go back and find it. Take it easy for a while. You deserve it. Glad to hear your tooth may not be too serious.

  4. Happy to read you and Lady arrived safe 'n sound in the Hudson Valley. I know you'll enjoy your time there with your family!! That's great news about the infected tooth -- hope the extraction & healing goes well. Looking forward to photos of your travels!

  5. There's a lot to be said for good old green grass to roll around on that's for sure. I like a 'touch' of humidity in the air too because it seems to be a warmer heat than the dry heat. I always look forward to seeing all the greeness when we come home from the west & especially the trees. I would like this side of the country even more if it wasn't for so many people, cities & traffic. I wonder what the going rate is for the tooth fairy these days........