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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I am sorry for my little outburst in my 2nd post yesterday. I should not have gotten all worked up over anyone's comments. I am very unfocused right now, as I get antsy and a bit nervous before a trip - any trip. I've been like that for most of my life and I seem to be worse this time.

So again, sorry if I offended anyone.


  1. You & I are much alike Gypsy in that we are sensitive people who quite often feel bad if we think we may have offended someone. I am always very apologetic as well if I feel I have hurt someone's feelings for whatever reason. For people like us it is just our nature & is one of the building blocks that makes us.....us. I think our types of personalities would much prefer to be oversensitive than insensitive.

  2. Um, what are you apologizing for? You are just stating your opinion and feelings. If I ever find that reading your blog becomes offensive I'm a big girl and I can choice to not read it.

    I understood perfectly what you were trying to say in the first post about not feeling able to RV alone any more or drive a large vehicle. I also like the fact you said I still want to travel so how can I do this safely? You down-sized once but it still wasn't right for you, so you are going to down-size again. Bravo! I like your spirit!

  3. I find the notion of commenting on blogs does sometimes tend to get out of hand. It would seem there are those who have an obsessive need to comment.
    Not only that, my impression is, half the time the commenter hasn't even bothered to comprehend, let alone read the post, but chooses to comment anyway. Perhaps there needs to be a "skill testing question" before being allowed to comment? A comprehension test?

    Just a couple ideas.

    It's your blog. Your effort. And you should never apologize. I would no more chastise you for voicing your opinion (whether I understood the syntax or not) than I would allow any of my relatives (for example) to ever dare tell me what to do...and I suspect that there's not a single person who reads along here who is related to you, are they?

    No, I didn't think so.