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Thursday, May 5, 2011

I think I'd lose my head . . .

. . . if it wasn't attached! I misplaced cell phone chargers to both phones, and also my old Minolta camera. I've searched high and low in every box and bag I've brought with me to Jeannie's, plus every time I go to the storage unit I check the boxes there. Fortunately I taped the contents on all the boxes, although at the last I may have neglected to write down an item I tossed in. I am nearly 100% sure I didn't put them in storage, so they have to be here somewhere. Now I've misplaced Lady's flea and tick meds, which I will definitely need to apply very soon in preparation for our trip.

I even tried a form of self-hypnosis I have used to help me remember where I might have put all these lost items, but I merely succeeded in putting myself to sleep. It's a very good way of bringing on sleep, by the way.

I just checked the weather for the next 10 days out, for Elko NV and Idaho Falls ID. Not that the forecast is all that reliable for 10 days out, but it gives me an idea of what to expect. I figure on camping at Elko, which will be clear and overnight temps down to about 42, but when I noted that showers are expected at Idaho Falls the day/night I should be in that area, I think I will plan on a motel stop. What I'm really hoping to find out is the expected weather for northwestern Wyoming, but I'll have to wait until sometime next week to check that.

There are many places I'd like to see on my trip, but I won't set my heart on any of them, knowing how quickly things can change. Bad weather could affect my plans, and the price of fuel has already impacted the trip I wanted to make - that and not having a camper. I don't regret getting rid of the camper though. The time comes when a person realizes that what had worked before isn't going to work now. Various factors, mainly health and eyesight, have drastically changed my wants and required me to consider my needs.

Pidge, of the Frugal Travelers, is going through much the same dilemma right now, only maybe more so, and my heart goes out to her and Don. One thing that is certain in life is that nothing is certain. I wish them the best, and the courage to make whatever decision they need to live with.


  1. That can be so agrivating! Hope your memory returns. :)

  2. You would think we couldn't lose anything in this small space we live in but we've lost the back up for my computer and cannot find it anywhere. And it is so frustrating. Weather changes all kinds of plans, whether tent camping or in the motor home. Go with the flow and see what you can and enjoy that much.

  3. This older age memory thing is sooooo irritating. Just a couple days ago I finally found my 'Recorder' (similar to yours) while cleaning the Motorhome. I had last used it after leaving Elfrida Arizona last February & then missplaced it!! Found it on a shelf under some maps. Yep, know what you mean by having to think & do things differently than the way my mind thought years ago. Always a period of adjustment going on in our ever changing lives.....

  4. When that happens to me I say a prayer or put the request in my GOD BOX.
    Just wondering if we can get together be fore you leave. I'm off all next week.

  5. I have a lot of small brightly colored zippered pouches, and each item goes into one. Cell phone charger, camera and its charger, wifi hotspot and its adapter, and so on..... I'm trying to remember to put them right back into the pouch and then I know that the GPS is in a blue pouch, etc.