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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Deja vu

My heart beats like that of a much younger woman, who feels like she can go on forever and nothing is impossible. She holds the dream of traveling like a gypsy in her wagon, stopping for a night or a week or several months, evenings around a campfire, and an endless supply of roads and lanes to travel this beautiful land. But every now and then she gets hit with a dose of reality!

Today I had lunch with Susan after which we drove to an RV sales lot to look at some she might be interested in. I fell in love all over again - even sitting in a Class A felt good to me, and I could imagine myself living in one. They had some very affordable used RV's, including an extremely affordable 1991 diesel pusher which I forget the name of. The caveat is that I could live and travel in one if I had a partner, so that means I won't be doing it. But for about an hour my mind raced with possibilities and fantasies.

I took a few more items to storage this morning but forgot to leave my toolbox. I doubt I'll be needing it, although I may take a hammer and a couple of screwdrivers out of it and put them in the glove compartment. During the times I am thinking realistically, I see more and more items that will just be baggage and won't ever get used. It's akin to selling a stix and brix and then coming face to face with space limitations of a new and different lifestyle, and having to make choices. At least this is a temporary thing.


  1. Please don't say that you can't do it without a partner. That is exactly what I dream of! I have been hanging on to my dream through single parenthood, a painful second marriage with abandonment, many health problems, and now near-poverty. I WANT to travel, if not live full time, in a small RV, and I WANT to do it alone. Please, you can't mean that it isn't possible. I just started reading you blog, so I don't know why you feel that way. I apologize if I am stepping over a line....

  2. Gypsy, we all have dreams that we won't ever have fulfilled. I watch Dancing with the Stars and am filled with envy because even as a child I wanted to dance. It won't happen but it is so nice to be able to dream.

  3. So, why is it you need a partner? If I waited for a partner the last five years, I wouldn't have seen or done anything. You are strong, girlfriend!

  4. I could travel alone if I had to or wanted to but it is definitely easier traveling with a good compatible partner. Much easier sharing all the varying RV tasks. And many of those tasks seem to get a little harder the older we get. I especially like having someone to share the good times with & the support through the not so good times. The absolute key is in having a totally compatibile partner, but everyone is different so it's strictly an individuals decision on whatever they are comfortible with. But, I do believe the old saying, 'two heads are better than one.'

  5. You can travel alone, I have been doing it for 15 years! My reason for stopping was financial. I will do it again if possible. I think joining a singles RV group would really help you. You don't have to stay with them all the time, but would have a "support" group.
    If you sell your truck in NY, why can't you also sell or get rid of your excess stuff there? I wouldn't dump anything I could use until then. You worry too much!

  6. Gypsy,
    Do a web search for "Sisters on the Fly." This group of gals are alone in their travels and meeting/camping, though many of them are married. They just travel or meet as "sisters," rather than as a couple. You might be interested in doing sometning like this on a sometime basis.


  7. I don't understand your saying your need a partner either. when I was married we had travel trailers I love going and never wanted to come home. After I was on my owen I missed the traveling. I bought a Chalet and only used it once because I couldn't lift it or back it up. I started looking at Class Bs and Cs I found a 23' Class C and I love it and yes I can back it up. There are many womens groups to be found and some are free. I loved the Sisters on the Fly but just never joined that one. I joined a group but the fees were crazy and when they said you would have to pay to bring some one along I dropped out Its my rig why should it cost me to bring along someone. Anyway I found a group and we chat on Yahoo and I have met a few women along the way. Look at me writing a book here.
    Anyway maybe you don't need a Class A look at something a little smaller. But what ever you decide I love reading your blog'
    Good Luck on your journey

  8. Enjoyed our visit. I agree with all above. Just do what ever you feel comfortable with, keep your options open and keep blogging. We're all here to support you.