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Thursday, May 12, 2011

All systems go!

I allowed myself - plenty of time to get to my 8:50 appointment this morning, and wouldn't you know I hit all the lights green with very little traffic. Fortunately they were able to get me in to see Dr. G. within just a few minutes. He is well satisfied with my progress, and at my request wrote me a prescription for glasses. They are for the no-line bifocals which I hate to go back to wearing again. I will though, because I can't read the speedometer very well, nor see any of the important gauges on the dashboard. That is partly because of the distance - not close enough to see without glasses but too close to fit my distance vision - but also because of the awful gauges on the 2002 Ford F-350. It looks like they made the numbers and tick marks is a light gray paint color, rather than bright white that could be easier seen. I guess they never figured an old lady would be driving such a vehicle and need to read the dials.

I stopped to fuel up on the way home, and made a stop at the grocery where I bought a lot of sinful snacks! To go on my Wheat Thins I actually purchased a can of deviled ham! I haven't had that for a long time, and I refuse to read the ingredients or nutritional statement. My arteries probably won't like me for a while. To balance out the bad-for-me stuff I am taking bananas, grapes and cherries as well.

So I'm taking off tomorrow morning early, hopefully before the little girls wake up. I couldn't bear to say goodbye to them and then drive off, so I'll say my "see ya later" tonight.

Coming back from the eye surgeon's office I started to feel like the luckiest woman alive, and am so grateful for my life - past, present and future. I've made tons of mistakes, both huge and small, loved and lost, and then loved again. I am blessed with beautiful children and grandchildren, and have had relatively good health all my life. I think this is where the last part is starting to wander off though, and there are a couple of health issues that I will have to deal with. Soon enough though. I'm planning to live til I die!


  1. Good luck on your trip and keep us informed on your travels. Glad everything is working out for you and you do have a great attitude.

  2. Nice to hear that you are able to leave on schedule. Hopefully you will have a great time. Bon voyage and I am looking forward to your trip reports.

  3. And if you had left with just enough time to get to the doctor, you would have hit every red light and had a traffic accident that you had to sit and wait to be cleared out. Don't ya just love it. I am almost as excited as you are about your trip. Can hardly wait to read about it. Be safe.

  4. Gratitude is the best Attitude! Happy Traveling!!!

  5. You were probably on the road somewhere when all this Blogger ker-fuffle took place but I think everybody is up & running again. Safe travels:))