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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Clarification (2nd post Tuesday, 5/10)

I don't believe I ever said I NEED a partner in order to go RVing, but I did say I was tired of doing it alone and I WANTED a partner if I continued. I also never said anything like I thought other women felt the same way as I do, and if I didn't make it clear, then I am truly sorry. Sometimes it isn't easy getting a point across that you want to make, but can't say clearly.

I am not a hothouse flower and never have been. I have been a strong and independent female from the time I was a child. For the last 15 or so years since I retired I have traveled in and out of the country alone, hiked about 900 miles of the Appalachian Trail alone, moved myself to Ireland where I lived for 3 years, alone, bought and sold several pieces of property on my own, and tried solo full time RVing.

Damn it all, at the age I find myself is it ok for me to wish I had a partner? I'm not asking that anyone live their lives or plan their futures as I do, so please give me a break.


  1. I like having a partner and I am fortunate to have a darn good one. I often wonder if I would have the strength to "go it alone" and continue to live fulltime in the rv. Somedays I say yes to that question other times...NO...I'm just not sure. Bottom line, it is a matter of personal choice and I understand that.

  2. Good response Gypsy. I would find life very lonely without Jim. Not sure how I will handle it if he goes first. How about some on-line dating for seniors? You could set up dates all across the country.

  3. Ha, ha! If anyone thought you meant you are incapable of traveling without a partner, they certainly don't think that now! :)

    Gypsy, I did a fair amount of solo traveling (backpacking through other countries) in my 30's, then drove to Alaska and back via the Cassiar Highway when it was a dirt logging road. Big adventures! I enjoyed it all but, after the Alaska trip, decided not to do any more LONG trips alone - not because I couldn't, but because I missed having a partner to share with... mostly, to share the MEMORIES: remember when we saw the Northern lights from the ferry? That sort of thing. I understand COMPLETELY what you are saying!

    And I understand those solos who travel alone because they would have to "stay home" otherwise. Many strong solos out there. We all do what we can with what we have, even if our current situation is not optimal. Mine IS optimal for me, and I know it is a time to enjoy and remember. I'm glad you are experimenting with which situation is best for you, now.

  4. "The caveat is that I could live and travel in one if I had a partner, so that means I won't be doing it."

    Your statement seemed pretty clear to me. It sure sounded like you were saying you NEEDED a partner because without one you 'won't be doing it'.

  5. I totally 'get' what you wrote yesterday and I can totally understand your thinking on this subject. I've been in the throes of trying to make decisions about continuing the solo rving lifestyle myself so that may be why I 'get it'.

    Sorry to read about your mis-step off the tailgate - whoops!! Hope the heating pad is helping with the resulting pain/aches.

  6. Anonymous, the key word in the sentence you quoted is "won't." She didn't say she "can't" do it without a partner, which would imply need, she said she " won't" do it. That implies exactly what she said-she could do it but doesn't want to. Sheesh, why is that so hard for folks to understand?

    Gypsy, good for you for being honest about what you are going through. I'll probably get flamed for saying this but one of my pet peeves about the RV community is a tendency I see at times to treat people who decide to stop fulltiming or RVing as if they had failed. That's not only stupid, but dangerous. We've all seen people in Rv parks who shouldn't be driving a golf cart, let alone a big rig. Quitting before you get to that point is smart and responsible.

    Good luck with your future travels!

  7. Sorry I misunderstood your post. I haven't been reading your blog for very long and maybe I should go way back and then I would have understood you better. Please forgive.
    I guess since I just started to solo travel I get on my soap box.
    Again I am sorry.

  8. Good for you-my regular retort to silly nick picking is- get a life!