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Monday, August 26, 2019

Monday blahs!

I'm still limping and hurting, so I haven't felt like updating my blog.  I hate letting basic housekeeping go, and I just do a little at a time.  I don't think Rocky is feeling well either, and we both sit around the house doing nothing most of the time.  I need to trim up my garden and pull a few plants out to get ready to plant some new crops, but it's just too hot to do much out there,

I've been mostly watching youtube videos, and this morning viewed a few cooking shows, including one on making salmon patties.  They, and tuna noodle casserole, were staples of Fridays in my childhood.  I didn't care much for them then, but I sure love them now.  I have cans of both on hand and might plan a dinner of salmon patties very soon.  I can just see Rocky's interest as soon as I open the can!  (I probably shouldn't, but I am likely to let him enjoy the juice from the can!  And then, of course, he's going to want a sample of the salmon itself.)

 I am wondering when my leg will be healed.  I think the worst thing is my encounter with the killer footboard on the bed in my spare room.  The wound hasn't healed since I incurred it  about 10 days ago, and it still causes me pain even when I'm not walking or doing anything.  I took the bandage off this morning thinking it might heal faster if exposed to the air, although I'm very afraid of bumping it or Rocky brushing by me.

It is 98 degrees as I'm writing this at 1:30 pm, but it's going up to about 104 today.  That is almost more than I can take.  Thank goodness for air conditioning!

I haven't decided what to do about a cane, and never did get to look at hiking poles over the weekend.  I probably have one still packed away somewhere.   As it is, I am trying to pick up my feet when I walk and to be more careful when the pavement is broken or cracked.  The only sidewalk around is right in front of the school property, and stretches the entire width of it including their soccer field.

I wish there was something exciting to write about but in my current situation I am nowhere near anything exciting!

I wish everyone a good week ahead, and take care of yourselves.


  1. Letting us know how you are is plenty important for you to write about. I do hope that leg heals.
    Probably getting air to it will help. I hear you about the heat. A couple of hours ago it was 103 here near Dallas, with a THI of 112. Our little dogs just don't understand the connection between the heat, and their not getting their walks around the block. Hopefully you and we will cool down pretty soon. Keep on talking to us. We care about you.

  2. Perhaps after a tepid water soak, applying a triple antibiotic ointment like Neosporin and re-bandaging your leg wound with a breathable bandage would hasten it's healing.If you don't have ointment, just a breathable bandage would help, if that's not something you have, a clean old tee shirt's material would work, tied loosely, though. Thank God you have air conditioning! Hope you can get and stay comfortable and enjoy that sweet dog's unusually relaxed behavior. -Mary

  3. I hope you get to feeling better soon. Thanks for taking the time to update your blog as we are one little cyber family and worry about bloggers who quit posting.

    You just brought back a good childhood memory...tuna noodle casserole...it has been so long since I had some!

    I was watching the news and recalled a comment you had made on the fake meat Whoopers. Kentucky Fried Chicken now has BEYOND MEAT fried chicken so fake chicken is here...jajajajajajajajaja!!!

  4. You leg really is taking a long time to heal. Yes maybe giving it some air a couple of times a day will help dry it out but then some kind of ointment and like Mary said a light bandage just to protect it. I use neosporin.

  5. You might want to try medihoney gel. It is great for healing wounds.

  6. Thanks to all who commented. I'm going to see a doctor tomorrow about the wound on my leg as the area around it is getting red, probably indicating infection. I can't tell you how sick & tired I am of going to doctors. I just don't think I can stand much more of it, but I don't want to lose my leg either. I'd say that is being between a rock and a hard place!