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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Something in the Air

When I was carrying a load of laundry across the street this morning I noticed a strong, sweet smell in the air.  It was almost sickening in some places, an overall floral odor.  On the way back to my house I looked up and noticed chemtrails in the sky but I didn't put the 2 together.  On my second trip with laundry I noticed the smell again although the trails were dissipating  and the odor was as well.  I don't know if there is a connection between the two, but it sure seems like there could be.  Which makes me wonder, what the heck are they spraying on us, and why.

I mentioned it to an elderly couple in the laundry building and the woman suggested they may be spraying for mosquitoes.  I might go for that explanation but it seems to me that they wouldn't use chemtrails to do it, and would fly small planes much lower to the ground to make sure the spray is evened out.  I have heard that a mosquito problem is expected this summer due to all the rains which means standing water where they can breed.

I got a message from Ara this morning that Donald & family had returned home early in the morning as the part of Yosemite they were in (Autumn's field trip) was evacuated due to flooding.  I found several articles with a Google search about evacuations because of  flooding.  Several rivers have already gone over their banks threatening the Yosemite Valley floor and cutting off access because of flooded roads;  the recent warm temperatures are  making the snow melt in the Sierra.  I keep an eye on the American River every time I cross it and can see when they have let water out of Folsom Lake to make ready for the snow melt to hit there.  It will be a doozy this winter with all the snow in the mountains, and we are in for some possible rain during the coming week.  We probably won't get much rain here, but it's what drops at those high elevations that matters.

So Ara wrote me to just go back to bed, that Jeannie would drive Arianna to school.  She followed that up with another msg that the family was sleeping after packing up and leaving in the middle of the night, and that Arianna wanted me to wait with her at school since Ara has to drop her off early so she can be on time for work.  Of course I went, and this time I found the route so easy I can't believe how I got so mixed up yesterday.

I enjoy getting up at 6am because it gives me more day to enjoy, but it limits nap time so I can go to bed at an earlier hour. 

I'd be interested to hear if anyone has noticed chemtrails plus a strong floral odor at the same time.  It wasn't like a "flower bed" type aroma, but a yukky sweet smell that filled the air.  I need to go back in an hour or so and take my clothes off the line, and hope it's all gone by now. 


  1. Your probably are smelling either orange or grapefruit blooms. the smell can be over powering to me as well.

    Sorry the kids had to cut their trip short. This flooding is so bad and so many are losing everything.

    1. The orange trees are already heavy with fruit, no blooms left. This was a unique aroma, never noticed in all the time I've lived here, and it only lasted for about 30 min. or so.

      This is not the best time to go to Yosemite especially after the winter we've had. The Park knew melting and flooding was likely but chose to keep everything open. My granddaughter was on a field trip with her school that was planned a while back, and the program is run by specialists in the field. I'm glad they got out but what a thing to be told in the middle of the night - pack up and head out!