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Friday, May 12, 2017

A long day

I had a long day yesterday and just was too tired to post last night.   Here is a link to the trip I made to the far east, starting with Japan.  We were there for just a weekend and then left for Seoul, which I've already posted.


My day yesterday began with Jeannie taking me to my appt. with the cardiologist.  I learned a lot of things about my condition - i.e., I had rheumatic fever, probably  between ages 5 and 15, and while I never showed signs of the illness I have antibodies in my system.  R.F. often follows strep throat or similar illnesses, and I had to have my tonsils removed at the age of 5 because of the constant swollen glands and throat.  This can lead to heart valve problems, which is what I have today.

She explained the dizzy spells I get - very quick ones sometimes lasting no longer than a second.  In themselves they are not dangerous (what a relief) and I should drink a lot of water all day long, but especially if I have one of those spells.  She explained the different sensations I might have and told me which one I should call 911 in the unlikely event one should occur.  She also asked me to try to increase the daily aspirin to one a day in order to reduce the risk of stroke.  All she had to do was to say the word "stroke" and I am on a daily aspirin regimen!  So I will be looking like a battered woman before long when all the bruising starts.  I've decided it's a small price to pay to avoid stroke.  

We talked about a lot of other symptoms and such, and I left there in a much lighter mood than I had when I entered.   I even asked if an occasional beer is ok, and she said it would be fine!  So when we left the med clinic we drove directly to a nearby craft brewery where we had an excellent lunch and a pint of beer each!  I had a caesar's salad and we split an order of grilled artichokes! 

From there we met Donald and the girls and drove to Costco.  For once I didn't shop at all - they went through the process of changing phone carriers, and since Ara is on their plan she met us there as well.  I cannot believe how long something like this takes.  I'm sure it was way over an hour.  I saw a phone on display that was absolutely huge, and reminded me of my first "mobile phone" when I lived in Ireland.  Ironically, phones were huge back then, then got smaller and smaller until they reached a tiny little device, and then back to the big old giants they are today.  

After the Costco trip Jeannie and I went to the gym.  Ara has been sick and didn't join us.  What worries me is that she is recovering from strep throat and swollen glands, and in googling rheumatic fever this morning it seems like that is exactly what can lead to heart valve problems. 

I had a long day with no nap, but felt great for the most part.  I haven't planned my activities for today, but according to the doctor I should absolutely walk every day, so I suppose that is on my agenda!

So my day yesterday left me in a happy mood.  While I still get extremely tired I have the happiness deep down inside and that can move mountains!  I'm going to do my best to hold on to it.


  1. I hear you about holding on to the happy feeling, Gypsy. Thanks for posting early today. You have me spoiled. I always check in on you, Al, Barney, and a couple of others before I call it a day. I am relieved to know all is well wiith you. Hope Ara is chipper soon! Have a good weekend.

    1. Thank you, Rose. I appreciate your reading and commenting on my blog. I think I've talked Ara into going with her Mom's doc, who knows the family history of some of these things such as thyroid. Also, now, with the heart valve problems. Things such as chronic swelling of the lymph glands and sort throat problems can lead to heart valve problems later on. I'm sure that is what caused mine, now that I look back and recall the terrible time I had as a child until my tonsils were removed. Thanks again.

  2. Well that was pretty descent news you had yesterday. And you don't have to change your way of life either that is great.

    1. I was pretty happy with the news overall. I still have problems but I can deal with them. I'm grateful.

  3. Happy that your happy ! Your consultation sounded positive
    and hopeful. It seems that your doing lots of preventive things,
    that's what our part is. So yea, yea !

    1. I just hope I can stay positive and proactive.