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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Early start today

I woke up at 7AM this morning and decided to just get out of bed.  I know I'll be tired in the middle of the day but I won't feel bad about taking a nap.  I'm meeting the girls at the gym around 5pm and other than that, Costco is the only thing on my agenda so far.   

I have two photos I'd like to add:  one shows the flowers Ara gave me on Mother's Day, and the other is a painting that Autumn did for me.   I think she does beautiful work, especially for a 10 yr old.  

Today will be a beautiful day at 65 degrees.  Then the warming trend starts, or should I say the "heating trend" and by Sunday we are expecting it to be 95 degrees.  I think this is the last of our decent (to me) weather .  I know some folks like the hot weather, but it really doesn't agree with me.

I've been trying to plan the foods to remove from my diet for several weeks to see if I notice an improvement, and then reintroduce them one by one to find out if they cause me pain or discomfort.  I'm going to try to go gluten-free for sure, but then eliminate groups such as fruits, dairy, etc.  I also need to increase the meat in my diet, but I've never been much of a meat eater so that isn't going to be easy.   I'm on the last chapter of the book on this subject, which has totally amazed me because for the last two years I haven't been able to read a book beyond the first chapter.  I think I mentioned that it has a lot of chemistry terminology which completely is out of the realm of my understanding, but I think I got the basics.

I'm already planning how to cheat a bit - i.e., I might cut down on my coffee but I can't drink it black and won't use artificial creamers, so that means a small amount of caffeine and a small amount of dairy.   Alcohol shouldn't be a problem because I rarely drink it anymore except when I go out, and I never notice symptoms of intolerance to it.   Fruits will be difficult to give up, although I have lately noticed I don't feel so good after eating strawberries.

It will take me a short while to get started, for one thing, I'm too frugal to throw good food out.  So I will eat what I have on hand before getting truly serious about it.  

I need to get started with my day so I will publish this post earlier than I usually do.   Have a good day out there.


  1. I have gastroparesis and cannot eat raw fruits and vegetables. Try cooked fruits and veggies. Lettuce is really a no-no for me.

  2. I think the book I'm reading stresses that veggies should be well cooked. I usually just barely cook them, but I can change that. Thanks for the tips. Ironically since I love fresh fruit, I am finding it bothers me so will probably have to give it up any way. Thanks for the tips.

  3. You are a very good diet detective, hope you find what works for you and your system. Autumn is a budding artist like her grandma.

    1. I hope my detective work pays off. Wish I had more years ahead of me because finding out the causes and then trying the cures can take years. Maybe my daughter will reap the benefits if I can figure it all out.