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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Death by Chocolate Averted!

I didn't touch any chocolate at all yesterday evening, and kept away from most snacks.  I slept so well, but what is best I didn't take anything for heartburn because I didn't have any heartburn.  This is the way it used to be, before I became addicted to chocolate.  I have always loved chocolate, but exercised some self-control until the past year.  I'm sure there are other things in my diet that will alert me sooner or later.

This is going to be a weird day and I knew it from my first waking moment.  I have a nice tall Lasko fan that I use all summer, and I've been running  it the past two days because it is starting to get hot in the house.  Joe will come over sometime soon and remove the cover to the swamp cooler, and that should help tremendously.

But the fan has been making strange noises periodically, sort of like a screw got loose inside the housing and is blowing around.  But the weird thing is that I have it in front of me, directed at my favorite chair.  I got out a small fan and realized I needed to clean it before I used it, so I set it on my little table in front of the chair, right between me and the big fan.  All of the sudden I noticed the small fan blades were turning and I hadn't plugged it in.  I checked the cord to make sure; finally realized the big fan was blowing the back of the little fan and thereby turning the blades.  I had a couple of moments where I wondered "what is happening to me".  This is just one of a series of little odd occurrences today.

It is 80 degrees and going up another 10 by this afternoon.  I now remember why I hate Sacramento in the summer!

I've done two sketches on paper since yesterday, and now just have to get the motivation to put them on canvass.  I'm still working on the small ones, but if I find a good subject I would like to try a larger canvass again.

Speaking of painting, I went back to watching a Bob Ross video last night.  I think I've watched about half of his videos - I'm on Series 12 out of about 24.  Each series has 13 videos, so that is a lot that I've watched, and a lot remaining.

I'm really disgusted with YouTube and although I've certainly searched for a way, there is no contacting Google to complain!  When you call up YouTube you are shown about 8 or so video possibilities that they think you may be interested in.  Supposedly it is done by computer based on past videos watched.  As of about 2 wks ago I have started getting suggestions that are written (and I can only assume are spoken) in Chinese, Russian, and other languages.  How would their analytics come up with that.  Also, they show me titles of a cartoonish type, sports, rock & movie stars, and other subjects I would never in the world have shown any previous interest in.  

I haven't yet ventured out today, but I think a trip to Walmart is in order to try to find another fan or two at a good price.  I will be moderately comfortable when I get the swamp cooler going with a couple of strategically placed fans.  Like using the small space heaters in the winter I don't notice much increase in the electric bills, and the same goes for 
the fans and swamp cooler.  If I run the furnace for 5 min. every winter morning to take the chill off, I can see a drastic increase in the gas bill.  I know a/c would do the same with the electricity, so my frugal self can deal with a tolerable level of comfort and lower utility bills.

Hey, I grew up in the 1940's in Cincinnati when there was no a/c even in business establishments, and hot humid summers.  The winters weren't much better until the old coal furnace was stoked and fired up each morning, and then we all jockeyed to get a spot standing on a heat register with warm air blowing in order to get dressed!  Those were the good old days?  I have good memories of them. 


  1. At 4 pm the temperature in my living room is 92F! Dilemma: Do I go out to an air conditioned restaurant for dinner, wait until the day starts to cool and cook an easy meal, or drink a beer and eat brie and crackers right now? If I do that I won't drive anywhere though, so I'm stuck. Joe is coming over in the morning to take remove the cover from the swamp cooler, so I'll be ok if I don't melt before then!

  2. I feel for you,Gypsy. Here in TX we have had the AC going several times over the past few weeks. We have been fortunate enough to have a day once in a while that was a bit cooler. We have the thermostat set on 78. I dread the days when it never shuts off. Had to laugh at your consternation about the smaller fan! That sounds so much like something that would happen to me. I wonder. Did you stay in, or go out? Being a wimp, I know what I would have done. I'll bet you didn't make that choice, though.

    1. Oh, I stayed in, had a beer and ate some brie cheese on crackers. It was too hot to be in the kitchen. It's feeling cooler now (or maybe I'm getting used to it) even though the thermometer on the wall still registers 92. I don't believe it's that hot in here now but it sure was bad earlier. Tomorrow I'll have the swamp cooler working so it won't be so bad, and the weekend is going to be cooler.

  3. I love Lasko heaters and fans. I kept my house comfortable all winter with the Lasko tower heater for my room and bathroom. But it sure did get hot and I have been using my A/C in the afternoons and at night for a little while. They say by Friday we will hit 101, but then a cooling spell.

    1. I'm afraid we are in for a scorcher of a summer.

  4. For your heart burn, have you tried the combo,
    One tablespoon soda, one tablespoon cider vinegar, two tablespoon cool water.
    If alittle too strong add more cool water. I was told to do that every morning.
    You probably know all about that.

    1. I heard of it just about 2 days ago. But if I don't need to take anything to prevent or calm indigestion because I quit gorging on chocolate, I'd rather just not. I will keep that in mind if my heartburn returns though. It seems like it would get fizzy and bubble up.