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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Just a quickie

Not much is new with me today; I've been trying to get to the gym to walk on a daily basis as the cardiologist advised me to.

I got a call from my daughter while I was on the treadmill, telling me about her visit to her doctor this morning.  I didn't know she even had an appointment, but the surprise to me is that they did an echocardiogram.   I will be anxious to hear the results and compare it with mine, as I know she will be.

From the book on thyroiditis that I've been reading, the  thyroid controls just about every function of the body, and the heart is just one thing.   I had a problem understanding everything she was saying as my hearing is bad to begin with and getting worse all the time, and I never have been able to hear as well when someone is calling from a cell phone.  It's been a long time, of course, since anyone has called me from a landline so the memory is fading, but I remember very well it was easier to understand what I was hearing.  

I understand that cell phones are convenient, especially to all the people who have been brainwashed into thinking they must be connected on a constant basis.    But mine is an opinion that isn't shared by many.  I asked Jeannie if she would write it all down in an email and send it to me, because as she knows my memory is shot!  She agreed and i will keep asking her until she does it.

I don't know what is causing it but there seems to me to be a lot more people with problems related to the thyroid.  Has it always been this way but in most cases never progressed to the point where it was so obvious?

I bought steaks and pork chops at Costco yesterday and this morning cut and packaged them into meal sized portions.  They were just too thick for me and I would find it difficult to cook them through when they are so thick, and I think it's called "butterfly" when they are sliced more thinly?  I ended up with a whole lot of individual portions in the freezer, and I'm determined to include more meat in my diet.  At the same time I'm planning to remove most fruit from my diet for a while as I notice it really bothers me these days.  This is the  beginning of a lot of trial and error, but I hope to find what I can eat that is satisfying and doesn't leave me in distress. 

It's a beautiful day today in the mid-70's, but will heat up starting tomorrow.  I dread the hot weather but I'll survive.


  1. I agree that cell phones are very hard to hear on especially if you are in any area with marginal signal. Hope your trial and error food experiments will yield a diet that your body approves of. I just came back from my favorite yoga class and I feel wonderful. It's clear my body likes this.

    1. I enjoyed yoga years ago, but the few times I've tried various classes since haven't been what I was looking for. I think you are right - our bodies let us know what works for us.