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Friday, May 5, 2017

More weirdness

I woke up for the bathroom about 1 am this morning and when I looked out the window it was the weirdest foggy look I have ever seen.  Not the regular color or look of fog, but it was very thick and ugly looking.  I went to the living room and checked out those windows as well as the door, and nothing could be seen except that "fog".  When I went back to bed it looked as if it had lightened somewhat, but I don't like to worry about things in the middle of the night when I'm trying to keep myself from becoming fully awake, so I went back to bed.

About 2 minutes later I just had to look again - the "fog" was nearly all gone and it hadn't just risen up higher - it was gone!   I normally don't have a vivid imagination when it comes to things like this, but when things start happening that don't make sense, or at least if I can't figure out any sense to them, it makes me wonder.

Today is a bright sunny day in the 70's.  I decided I had been lazy for long enough, and since I have a housekeeping chore I'm trying my best to avoid, I went to the gym and had a nice walk.  I didn't stop anywhere else as I'm saving my cash for the market tomorrow.   I want to be sure to buy cherries - maybe 4-7# of them.  The ones I bought last week are so sweet and delicious and satisfy my sweet tooth.   (It's not exactly chocolate, but they really are good.)

Ok, I'm going to start on my work.  You may remember I had (ugly) venetian blinds at the kitchen window; I washed and rehung one of them but couldn't get the other ones to extend.  Joe fixed them for me when he was here, so now I need to clean the other set.  I'm just going to use vinegar & water on them.  I've been browsing online for kitchen window treatments but haven't found anything so far that I really like.  The blinds I have could be dangerous to me because they are fairly heavy and the hardware isn't holding them very securely.  It all needs to be replaced before I have an accident.  If it's going to happen it will happen to me!

Have a good weekend, and see ya when I see ya!


  1. Oh fresh cherries, my mouth is watering!!

    1. These are locally grown and they aren't available for long. Then I would have to buy them in the grocery as they are probably from Washington. But yes, there is nothing like fresh cherries.

  2. That is weird, do you think the sweet smell you smelled yesterday and the weird fog could be related?

    1. I really don't know, but wouldn't be surprised if all the weird things are related. Nothing odd happened since "the fog" so I figure I'm in the clear for a while.