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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Much better today

I woke up feeling really good, and ravenous as I usually am in the morning.  This morning was a treat with cream of wheat and maple syrup & cinnamon!

I just ate lunch and tried a marinated salmon filet.  It is much more firm than the cod and I think for a while I will stick to the cod.  The salmon sure tasted delicious though, as well as the mashed potatoes.

When I was young and lived at home we made a huge stew pot full of mashed potatoes every day.  I had 5 younger brothers and their appetites were ravenous, especially when they hit teen age.   I recall how wonderful it was to get our first electric hand mixer which we used to whip the potatos.  Now that I'm older I've gone back to the old potato masher, and I actually like the little potato lumps it leaves!  That masher is going to get a real workout while I'm limited to what I can eat.  The mashed potatoes seem to taste better and better every day, and I hope I don't get tired of them.

I put a second coat of gesso on my canvasses and they will be ready to use from tomorrow on.   I did two coats and hope it prevents the light spots where the paint doesn't properly cover the canvas.  Maybe I should just use more paint!

I am feeling so much better today and bless my chiropractor.  He made some adjustments in the area of my lymph nodes, and I know nothing about why it works but it sure did.   My jaw is still very sore to the touch, making it difficult to even rinse that side of my face much less wash it!

I recently ordered a pedometer which arrived yesterday.  I haven't even looked at the directions and I will have to have one of my kids read them and set it up for me initially.  I bought one that specifically counts steps and doesn't do anything else - no calories burned or other useless (to me) data.  I sure hope it works because I'd like to track how many steps I take daily and hope I can get motivated to do some additional walking.    It's hard to find something that doesn't sync to all your other devices - I have no other devices to sync to - and I don't want to know how many calories I'm burning up.   If I wasn't basically a lazy woman I'd keep count of the calories I take in, but it's too much trouble to look everything up, write it down, and then forget where I put my notes the next time I eat something!

It is so amazing how the world is such a beautiful place when you are feeling good!   The one thing I will always be missing from my life is a black lab!


  1. I swear you and I grew up in the same place at the same time. Really like my potatoes with some lumps in them. Hate "whipped" potatoes. I mash and stir. Love potatoes in any form. Glad to hear you are feeling better. A good chiropractor is such a blessing. Also love my pedometer. Too bad we don't live closer we could walk our steps off. I like to see how many miles I've gone too. Does yours do miles??

    1. I won't know what my pedometer will tell me until one of my kids sets it up and lets me know its capabilities. From what the instructions say, and looking at a list of items on it, it seems to me if I walk 10,000 steps it's something like 4.5 miles (4. something or other). I would love to have someone nearby to walk with, but I'm unable to do the uphills as easy as I once did. Fortunately, most of Sacramento is flat as a pancake, which is fortunate if you like to walk on a level ground.

  2. Good to hear your feeling so wonderful today. Eating real food must have something to do with it. Lumpy mashed potatoes are the best

    1. I think the food has more to do with it than I would have guessed it would. I hve to figure out something for tomorrow, as I don't want to get tired of cod & salmon. I only eat wild caught Alaskan fish, except for shrimp now and then, but they are too chewy! I also really want to cut back on some of the carbs and sugar.

  3. Glad to hear you are having a good day. A good Chiropractor can be an amazing thing. I am actually going this Friday for a treatment that this Chiropractor does to treat my CRPS. It is a special machine he uses (kinda like a big TENS Machine) it is called Calmare and it is a type of scrambler therapy. It will scramble the signals that my Central Nervous System is sending to my brain that is causing all of my pain. It is very interesting of you want to Google it. Wish me luck that is works for me as it doesn't work for everyone. Yes dogs are such a pleasure to have in our lives. I don't know what I would do without the two rescues that we have had for over three years now. The little Black one Max is just such a funny and loving little guy. He is Black Lab/Beagle cross. I also just love my Maya who is Border Collie/Irish Setter cross. She is big and just a such a loving dog. I hope your mouth problems just keep getting better and better.