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Friday, December 23, 2016

Horrendous Traffic!

I have been out several times today and the traffic is worse each time.  I went to Costco early to fill up my tank and pick up a few items.  I dropped them off at home and went back out to the gym (walked 2 miles today).  I needed to make a few more stops but I just wanted to rest and relax after the treadmill.  I am getting tired of doing it but I feel so much more energetic that I just can't even think about quitting now.

I went to the grocery this afternoon thinking I could find most of what I needed, but didn't.  I did get some vitamins I take that I usually get in a different brand.  I'm reading labels like a hawk (a hawk with mac degeneration - the idea makes me laugh) and am sick to think of all the crap they add to a simple vitamin.  Dyes, titanium dioxide, and other unpronounceable ingredients.  I wonder why they must add dyes to their product, or titanium.  I paint with titanium white and yellow, and have been told to not let it stay on my skin if I accidentally touch it.  It isn't that touching it is dangerous, but repeatedly letting it stay on your skin and be absorbed can evidently be dangerous.  I'm determined to replace every vitamin in my cabinet with the brand I bought today (after a careful look at the ingredients of course).

Because I am a frugal person mostly, I will no doubt use up what I already have on hand and replace the products as I run out.   Some have so many bad additives, or have combined other vitamins & minerals to the product so that you have way more than you bargained for, and I will just get rid of them.

It has been raining off and on - mostly not heavy - but when I got into my car at the grocery the wind picked up and the skies looked ominous!   I decided to come home and maybe go back out later to wrap it all up, although the traffic is only going to get worse.   I think I only have to drive less than a mile to a local restaurant for a gift card, and will do it tomorrow morning before I go to the gym.  The traffic is just too heavy now to be driving in rain and wind.

I'm going to eat as soon as the pork tamales have steamed long enough.  My appetite is growing by the day!


  1. I love pork tamales! It looks like you are back to eating real food now.

    For the past couple of years I have taken raw food based vitamins with no additives and like them pretty well. The ones I'm taking now are Garden of Life Vitamin Code "50 and Wise Women" for older women. One problem is the capsules are a little big for me to swallow easily, so I cut them open with scissors and put them in my kefir. They kinda taste like cream of "something" soup. lol

    1. I've been searching online for a vitamin/supplement without all the additives. I found something interesting, and that is many of the vitamin companies are either owned or in some way connected with monsanto! I will take a look at yours. I have never had a problem with swallowing pills, and usually take the whole handful in one gulp! Thanks for the info.

    2. Being retired we have some time to experiment. My husband loves to garden and lives outdoors. Our gardens are not always successful but the exercise is good. Last Spring we planted some moringa seeds and managed to grow one trees. We put the leaves in salads and other foods. This tree is supposed to contain large quantities of vitamins and minerals that we need. I like to get as many nutrients as possible from food. The ten degree days came and our poor little tree is dead now. You live in a region where you might be able to grow this little tree. Dr. Mercola's site has some info on moringa: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2015/08/24/moringa-tree-uses.aspx

    3. P.S. You can also just purchase moringa capsules in powdered form.

    4. I have rocks in my back yard, but if I planted any kind of tree it would be a lemon tree. I think I will take one vitamin/mineral at a time and check the contents carefully, and then see if I ca find something without all the additives. I did that yesterday with Lysine - no colorings or additives at all. Some things like the Super B Complex tablet is just too full of more than I need, plus it has all the colorings and no-no's. It's difficult to figure it all out, but I hope to reduce the number of pills & capsules I take. They sure get expensive!

  2. I went out early in the morning to get done. I didn't buy the gifts I wanted but was not going near the big stores. But the kids were so happy to get the remote cars so I guess it went well. I then did the grocery shopping and I bought a few gift cards just in case, and that was it home I came and that did me in with pain. Oh well at least I'm finished as far as I'm concerned.

  3. I have to go to a restaurant to pick up a gift card this morning and then I'll be finished shopping. But I have all the wrapping to do. I'm trying to remember when this all became a chore to me rather than fun!