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Monday, December 12, 2016

Just a few errands today

I will try to keep this post short (and every time I say that I end up with a really long one!)   I haven't felt like my old self today, but feel really emotional and don't even know why.

I did well at the gym - walked over 2 miles - and had no problems with the machine whatsoever.   I'm so glad to know what caused it to stop abruptly yesterday, and I'll be careful to not let it happen again.  With all the walking, my legs hurt.

Going to Michael's was a big waste of time although I did get the spray varnish.  The can is covered in warnings in 3 languages, but it doesn't say much about how to use it.  I know how to use spray products, but would like to be told about how far away from the canvas should I hold the spray and so on.  I just looked the entire can over again, and it says to go to their website for instructions, which I did.  I have never seen a less informative or less understandable website!  Nothing  there except to allow acrylic paint to dry 4 days before spraying, and  I had to really hunt to find that info!

I thought Michael's wanted way too much money for simple fine line sharpies so I left my car there and walked all the way down through the shopping area to Target, which was even worse.  I didn't even see the kind of sharpies I wanted in that store, so I left without buying anything.   I'll find the products eventually and in the meantime I'll make do.  I have been buying ball point pens at the Dollar store but I notice their quality isn't the best, nor do the pens last long at all.

I mailed my package to NY at the Post Office first thing this morning.  I'm always in better frame of mind when I come out of there than when I go in.  Even though the lines were longer than usual they moved quickly and the postal employees are so darn friendly it's nice to do business with them.  

And with that, I'm outta here for the day.


  1. Michael's prices can be a bit higher than other stores. Drugs store usually have the sharpies or even the grocery.

    1. I was even more surprised by Target's prices. I can get the best deal at Costco, but then I'll end up with more than I need for the rest of my life! I'll just try the grocery next time I'm there.

  2. I find lots of Sharpies in many different colors at Office Depot. Not sure why I'm having to select a profile to comment on your blog all of a sudden. Hope this shows up. Guess I'd better sign my name other wise you may not know who this is from. Well turns out it just wanted me to log in again to my google profile. Who knows. Blogger is a MESS.

    1. I think if you sign in once and click "Remember Me" you won't have to do it again unless you somehow change your settings. I can't recall for sure, but whenever I comment it already has my name checked. I gripe about it but find that Blogger is no better or no worse than nearly all the other programs on the internet. There must have been a recent glut of developers being hired by everyone to change their "look" (read, confuse the hell out of you). I could deal with it if it just happened once a year, but it's several times a month now for some programs. Even my credit union is striving for a "new look" and I want to scream at them: "You are not a social media site - you are a financial institution, for heaven's sake!" (I might use a little stronger language than that, but had to clean it up for the readers :-)

  3. For some reason Sharpie's are always high even on sale. By on sale I mean back to school sales, that is when I pick up mine.

    You know a lot of people complain about unfriendly postal employees in particular during the Xmas mailing season. I am glad you gave them credit for being so friendly. To be honest with you, I have not met a mean one yet and hope not to.