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Monday, July 28, 2014

Waiting out the heat

It's still unbearably hot, but after the triple digits all this week we will get back into the 90's.  I never thought I'd be relieved to be in 90 degree weather.  Have I said how much I hate hot weather?   

I dropped by to visit Jeannie and family yesterday.  I took them the Sunday paper, which I always do after I'm finished with it.  Jeanne and I worked the Sunday crossword - it drives me crazy because she enters the letters very lightly in pencil whereas I always use a pen.  I wrote in ink even back when I was young enough to have great eyesight.  But we got the entire puzzle completed.  It's the best thing about getting the Sunday paper - all the ads are ridiculous and I hardly ever look at them.  It is good to have the kids back and I'm looking forward to the gym, which I haven't been to since at least a week before they left because I couldn't leave Bear alone to destroy something.  Life is a lot more calm now.  

I've been intending to steam clean the floors but keep putting it off.  I didn't have such good luck with the steamer last time I tried using it, but I'll try once more.  Moving furniture around is what I'm dreading.

There are quite a few hummingbirds visiting the feeder on my front porch.  I just noticed a very tiny one that I haven't seen before.   They get spooked if I sit on the porch so I have to be content looking at them through the screen door.   The ruby-throated hummers who visited me in Asheville didn't care if I sat out on my deck very close to the feeder and I loved seeing them up close.   The ones I've seen in CA aren't as striking in looks, nor do they seem as friendly. 

I hung clothes on the line across the street this morning and i'm not looking forward to standing in the sun to take them down and fold them.   I'd better get to it before I forget and leave them out overnight.  I haven't done that so far, but as sluggish as I feel right now I'm sure I could.




  1. I know how you feel. We are in San Antonio and it was 105 today:(

  2. I remember that the ruby throats would come right down and look in my bowl when I was shucking peas on the deck in New York.

  3. We're in the 90's all week which means thunderstorms every evening. I'm ready for Fall any time now. I sure hope the storms calm down when we start heading east.

  4. Want to let you know I am still reading everyday but have nothing worthwhile to add lately. Have fun.

  5. I know how you feel about the heat. and it looks like it will get hotter here the rest of this week.

    I think if you sit still long enough and a little ever day they will get used to you being there. Some are more skidish than others.

  6. There just has to be some way you can spend the summer in somewhere cooler. To be dreading 3 or 4 months of the year in your life is terrible.

  7. We too have been in the 100's and I have been hiding out.

    Sherry is right there has to be a place we can go to escape this heat, to bad my finances wont allow it.

    We are different when it comes to the Sunday newspaper...the first thing I do is look at the ads...well that is if I am in Houston, I don't even bother to buy our local newspaper.