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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dropped some $ at REI today!

I made a brief visit to the Farmers Market this morning - bought kohlrabi which I haven't had in years.  I think I will have some with my supper tonight.

I've been wanting to go to REI for several months - I had a piddly little $13.76 dividend to spend!  What to buy was my problem, and I got too close to the hiking boots.  I've been wanting a pair of Lowa boots for ages but never wanted to spend that much money on something I won't be wearing a whole lot of the time.  But I tried them on and couldn't leave the store without them.  I needed to also buy a pair of Superfeet insoles to raise my foot a tiny bit in the boot, as I could tell that the top of the boot was going to rub my ankles and cause some discomfort.  The insoles did the trick and I'm good to go out on any kind of trail!

I'm still trying to figure out a good place to go where there won't be big crowds of noisy young vacationers - or noisy old geezers.  There is one campground that looked pretty good and the description says you can hear the rapids in the river from any site in the campground.  I love to go to sleep in a tent listening to the water rushing over rocks.  Trouble is I've looked at so many CG descriptions I'm having difficulty remembering which one has the rapids!  I think I want to go someplace out the US-50 corridor because it's easier to drive and I'm just two blocks away from the on ramp.  I've thought about going back to White Cloud (where I recently camped with my kids) but I'm not ready to tackle I-80 again so soon.

I just watched an interesting program featuring the man who proposed the division of California into 6 states.  I was surprised that a lot of what he says makes sense, although he could make sense of it but avoided detailing the down side and risks.  He predicts if it happens a number of other states will want to split.  Well why not, when you think we started out with 13 states and ended up with 50 - what's wrong with having 60?  I can't see it ever working in my lifetime though. 

The humidity must be up today because I'm much warmer at 93 than usual.  It probably won't go any higher today and should start to go down soon.  I'd like to sit outside if it cools off before dark.

I getting hungry!  I haven't eaten a lot of junk today - just nutritious junk - such as a Haagen Dazs chocolate/nut covered ice cream bar.


  1. Nice looking pair of boots you got there. Now, all you need to do is hit the trail. . ..

  2. I wish I could find some mid high top hiking boots in 10 EEEE that would fit my feet. Price would be nearly no object since it would likely be my last pair of this life.

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  4. Nice boots. I bet they will give you lots of good hikes and keep your feet and ankles in good shape.

    Seems we both had a good day today.

  5. Those are some really nice hiking boots. I have been wanting some but they were a little out of my budget last time I was in Houston.

    Hope you find a campground to your specifications and that you can break those boots in.

  6. There are few things more important to us as we age than really good supportive shoes. Actually that's true all our lives but for some reason people will spend $150 a month for cell phone or cable but won't spend $150 a year for good shoes. Glad you bought yourself a nice pair of hiking boots. Here's to lots of great hikes in them.

  7. Nice boots & I especially like the firm looking ankle support. Can walk over big logs & climb tall tree trunks with those:))

  8. You can never go wrong with good hiking boots:)