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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Why did I come back?

Here I am back in Sacramento where it reached 104F today, I don't have air conditioning, and at least 1/3 of my jalousie window cranks don't work or are missing. I'm suffering! Should have stayed in the mountains. With the weekend coming up it's no time to be setting off to try to find a decent camping spot, but Saturday is predicted to reach 105!

I spread out my tent on the living room floor and wiped the floor of it with damp paper towels. I had used a small whisk broom to get rid of the forest debris but still found plenty of it, along with dog hair I missed somewhere along the way. I'll be finding dog hair everywhere for a while, but I don't really mind. She would have been miserable in this weather, just as I am.

I've been trying to figure out what to do next summer to escape the heat. There is always volunteering at Lassen or other national parks and forests, and I think I could find a visitor center job so I wouldn't have to be a camp host. Other than that, the 14 day limit on staying in a particular space makes it difficult to decide where to go.

I went to the Dollar Store this morning to pick up some small items for my camping box. The nice thing about dollar stores in CA is that everything is one dollar - unlike Dollar General in, say, North Carolina, and a lot of other states.

I was planning to take pictures of my cot in various stages of putting it up, but it's just too damn hot. The sales rep at REI put the side rails in, and the cot folds in half, so I don't think I will ever have to completely take it down. You will see when I post pics. It is lightweight - somewhere between 8 and 9 pounds, and that was a big consideration for me. As you know, I've been grumbling about things such as lawn/camp chairs & lounges, and just about everything outdoors, that is so overweight you can hardly carry them. I'm tired of that and am not buying anything from now on that is too heavy for me to comfortably handle.

Speaking of heavy, you can't do much about coolers, especially when they are filled with ice and maybe a 12 pack, plus various food items. I noticed this morning that my biceps are looking good, like I've been lifting weights. I couldn't figure it out at first and then realized it was from moving the cooler around to keep it in the shade. Now I guess I need to go back to lifting the weights just to keep my arms looking halfway decent.


  1. My friend, Dianna, has a portable room air conditioner. I had never seen one before but it might be something for you to take a look at. Don't have any idea what they cost but with the terrible heat they might be worth whatever investment. Working on those biceps is necessary so you can continue to move that six pack around with you.

  2. Right now a/c's are going for about $79 to $89. Your son is very handy and maybe he could install it in a window for you. They do not need special wiring. It's worth looking into.

  3. I Love my cooler that has a handle and 2 wheels on one end. I can drag it just about everywhere. No lifting for me except into the truck or my vintage travel trailer. I'm headed for the hills!!

  4. I feel for you Gypsy, we went through a month of 100 plus weather here at the Ranch, Thank God I had a new A/C installed a couple summers ago and it really keeps it cool in the house. Plus I am only 20 minutes from the Lake if I want to go and spend the day soaking in the pool.Be safe out there, We think of you a lot. Sam & Donna..

  5. Hey Gypsy... those portable room conditioners work pretty good. I had one in our old house. It has to vent either out a window or a patio door with the plastic vent kit, and you can either drain the condensation out via a hose, or let it accumulate in the reservoir and dump it daily. They run around $500 but was well worth it in a house where a window AC would not work.

    Either that or take a book and go sit in a mall, library, or some public buiding with AC and comfy furniture for the worst part of the day?

    I know our local radio and tv stations were announcing places like Senior Centers and City Halls for cooling places to come and play cards and socialize in the AC ....

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. I think one of our best decisions in the past 5 years was having A/C installed. It sure paid for itself many times over this summer. Scientist's are predicting this global warming heat is here to stay now. Those are some pretty serious temperatures you are having there. Think I would be thinking about heading back into the mountains again.........

  7. Oh my goodness 105. That's even worse than here. I would definitely head back out to some place cooler. They are making all kinds of really light weight gear for campers these days especially in the backpacking section. I'm sure you can find whatever you need at REI. I agree about the window AC. They are easy to install, not so expensive and all you to have at least one room in your house that is comfortable.

  8. Many window cranks are serrated like a faucet handle. Just take one from one window and use it on the next. If not serrated, get a small pair of ViceGrips. Also, you can find replacements at Ace hardware or Home Depot.

  9. Surely you could put in a small ac!! Window unit i mean. GEEZ,,it's worse there than here. Heat kills every year for shut ins, etc. Don't be one!

  10. I feel for you! My friend bought a portable cooler for her RV, it rolls around, vents out a window with a hose. She says it keeps her RV cool. I think she got hers at Home Depot. It was 3 or 4 hundred dollars, just charge it!

  11. I had a portable swamp cooler ( on wheels) that worked really well. I gave it to my daughter in Phoenix. It has saved her a lot of $$$ on her A/C. Ithink that it was less than $200. As far as your heavy cooler, you might like to get one on wheels. I have a collapsible one on wheels from Costco and I use dry ice whenever possible. A lot less weight.