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Monday, August 27, 2012

Birthday--2nd post Aug. 27th

Just a few pictures from Liam's pizza party this evening.

Birthday cake by Donald. Liam loves trains, so that is the theme of the cake.

If you haven't read my first post today, please click on "Older Post" to view it.


  1. I read it and good travels to you ;) cute cute cute baby boy!!! shee

  2. Happy Birthday Liam - 2 is a good age to be! The birthday cake is fabulous, as usual, what a talented baker Donald is. I remember when my grandsons were into Thomas the Train - seeing that cake brought back memories. Looks like Liam had a great party! :)

  3. Wow ! Camping has been great for you. You are looking wonderful. Biggest smile in a long time. !!!!

  4. Wonderful picture of you and the birthday boy. That color looks great on you. Happy camping!!!

  5. Liam is such a doll. 2 yrs old can sure wear you out. The cake is just spectacular. I cannot imagine how long that must take to do. What talent! Happy Birthday Liam!

  6. Can't wait to hear of your adventures in Lassen. I'm all excited just reading your blog.
    We haven't been to Lassen in such a long time, it's time to go again.