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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

In the cooler part of today I went to the library and stopped at Target on the way back. I didn't find the advertised items I was looking for a Target - never do - but I remembered that I want to try Billy Bob's recipe for chocolate cherry cake. Look at his post for August 14th for the description and recipe for the cake. Since I don't usually shop for groceries at a discount store, it wasn't easy for me to find what I was looking for.

I bought the yaller cake mix. I looked for the Comstock cherry pie filling, but they only had Comstock blueberry and strawberry, so that will set me back at least a day for making the cake. I hesitate about the chocolate frosting mix (does anyone but me still say "icing" rather than frosting? Sorta like "dressing" is what is now called stuffing.) I'm not a big fan of icing unless it's my son-in-law's cream cheese icing, but I went ahead and bought a can of the prepared stuff. I took a quick glance at the ingredients - didn't read it - but the ingredients list takes up an awful lot of room on the label, so I won't read it. No doubt there are at least 3 mentions of corn syrup.

But I will go by Billy Bob's directions as faithfully as I can follow them, and will look for the Comstock cherry pie filling tomorrow. It's getting too hot to start running around to any more stores today.

At 3:00 pm it is 90F and heading for 98 today. I believe that once you hit 90 there isn't much difference between that and 100! I'm ready for something in the neighborhood of 78 degrees and I'll be happy. Of course, inside my house things are pretty decent and the cooler is working as it is supposed to. I sure hope that fan isn't racking up too much electricity! After paying something like $11.60 last month for the electric I'll probably need to be sitting down when I open the next bill!


  1. Oh jeeez just got our electric bill .... $235.86 ... For Little Rock ...

    You're going to actually make that??? You don't like sweets that much I didn't think so ... Man! Even for an ol fat cell needing filling kid like myself ... Thats sweeeeet

    A WGS nenber told me about his recipe !!! I read it and sheeee boy

  2. Our electric bill for last month was $200.11. The air conditioner ran non stop. Yes, I still say dressing and icing.

  3. Well shoot Martha, there ain't no reason you can't modify that cake to fit your taste. I did it with strawberrys one time....yum yum I betcha. Like the idea of the cream cheese icing/frosting.

  4. I've always said frosting and stuffing. Dressing is what you put on a salad and icing is for polar bears. :)

  5. It is icing and dressing for me, stuffing is what you do with mattresses and frosting is why we leave Dogpound North in the fall.

  6. Your bill of $11.60 is unbelievable. Mine was 33 times that much.

  7. The bill will be higher but coolers don't draw to much. A/C on the other hand is murder.

  8. I really like that canned chocolate frosting - and the other flavors, too. Geez, I haven't had frosted cake in a long time, sure sounds good.

  9. That cake is DEEEEEELicious!!!! We have one piece left that I am gonna eat with my coffee this morning.

    Steve is chomping on Frosted Flakes, so he don't want it.

    Karen and Steve
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