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Sunday, August 19, 2012

More books; fire in N. CA

Reader Beth Murray left a comment on my post about books I'm currently reading. She mentioned she liked the author Nevada Barr, and especially her novels that take place in the National Parks. I have seen Nevada Barr on library shelves but for some reason I've never read one of her books. So I found her website and got a list of books that feature the national parks. Firestorm is one, and it takes place at Lassen Volcanic NP, which as you know is where I was a camp host in 2009. Coincidentally, there were fires in and around the Butte Lake campground that year, and I worked hard to help evacuate the campground, as well as to accommodate the numerous fire fighting companies that came from all over California.

I looked on Amazon and found Firestorm, used, for $.01, so of course I ordered it. The shipping is $3.99 so my grand total for this book is $4.00. I definitely want to read it and hope I find some parallels with my experience in 2009. That's an outrageous amount to pay for shipping one paperback book, but I think I will want to keep the book rather than return it to a library so I will just pay the four bucks!

As I was glancing through the Sunday paper this morning I see that a fire caused by lightning is burning in the vicinity of Manton to Shingletown, which is my shortcut when driving to Lassen from Sac. I cut over from Red Bluff and then take the beautiful and usually isolated back roads to Shingletown where I meet up with the highway to Lassen. I hope they can contain it before it gets to the Park.

I was up early this morning to get to the farmer's market before the crowds arrived, as well as before the music started. I did well on both counts, and was soon on my way back home. I bought some organic strawberries that are gorgeous! The peaches looked good too, but they are just too darned sloppy for me to bother with. Now if Billy Bob would come up with a recipe for a cake using fresh peaches I could get some next week!

My granddaughter has enjoyed Italy, including Venice, Tuscany, a beach somewhere on the Italian Riviera, and Rome. Right now she's in Barcelona which she likes, but didn't care for Madrid. She will be returning to Germany soon and travel in the south of that country before returning home. I think she will love Munich, although my favorite has always been Nurenburg.

Well, I'm going to try to work the NY Times Sunday crossword puzzle while it's still cool enough to sit outside in good light. I'll get it started at least, and then turn it over to my daughter to finish.


  1. I got one for fresh peaches ... soften vanilla ice cream - nuke it for a few seconds ... Gently skiin the peach then hold over the bowl of ice cream and chunk away ... The juice and clumps of fresh peaches all mixed GENTLY together?


  2. Fresh peaches? You are making me hungry!

  3. I've read Navada Barr, all of them and really enjoyed them. Wish I'd thought to recommend them.

    I agree with Carolyn, fresh peaches over Vanilla or even better French Vanilla, sounds Yum.

    I don't remember Billy Bob's recipe but if it had fresh fruit usually you can just substitute one frut for another and it's a different version of delicious.

    What a wonderful experience your grandaughter is having. Memories for a lifetime. Germany, home and then what??

  4. I was just looking at the info on the Ponderosa Fire. Looks like Shingletown and Viola have been evacuated and the fire is getting close to Highway 44. Such a pretty area. One of our favorite parts of California!

    Now, I want to look for that book! Happy reading!

  5. A great series of books about RV traveling and dectective work are the books by Sue Henry! I enjoyed listening to the audio versions. If you havent checked her out I recommend her highly!
    Hope that fire gets under control!

  6. Actually I think the minimum is something like $2.25 for media mail so not too outrageously high considering the 99cent buy in..(I sell on e-bay). that is why I usually get the book at the library first then if I really like it I buy it(kind of backward I know)...nothing like a good book though...

  7. Another good author, Sue Henry. she writes about Alaska and the SouthWest
    One of her characters travels in an class C RV and has a dachsund named Stretch!!! Great mysteries..

  8. I have never read those authors but now I will look for them.
    Peaches, yummy. Take a cheap yellow cake mix, cut up the peaches and dump them in. No need for frosting, cut in 16 pieces and wrap each piece in a baggie and freeze. The more peaches you use the more you will have to cut back on the liquid ingredients.

  9. May i ask why you don't post your replies to others,,here? Sure would like to see those too.

  10. I love Tony Hillerman books. Think I've read every one. I didn't know about James Doss and the Charlie Moon Mysteries. I'll have to look them up. Thanks for mentioning them!!

  11. Hi there, I have lost your private email,changed my own email due to a hacker I am the lady who loved your Ireland blog and wish you could finish it!

    I read a lot and buy most of my books at Goodwill,paperbacks are usually .50 to 1.00,I find almost any author I want to read at the larger stores..