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Thursday, August 23, 2012

First of all I need to clarify that I will be staying in the Ranger Cabin at Butte Lake, rather than in a tent. I'll have an actual propane fridge, stove, & water heater, plus a shower. I just spoke with the woman in charge at Lassen, and she told me I can come up at any time - no need to wait until next Wednesday. I won't go until after my youngest grandson's second birthday celebration next Monday, so it will be Tuesday or Wednesday.

I'm also thinking about going on to Crater Lake, OR when I leave Lassen after Labor Day, and there I will stay in my tent. My car is going to be packed with supplies and gear.

Thanks to Peggy for reminding me that Sharlene Minshall was known as the Silver Gypsy - I believe I referred to her as the Silver Fox. I always want to call her the Arctic Fox, but that is a brand of travel trailer/truck camper! To be accurate though, Minshall made numerous trips to Alaska and no doubt spent time at the Arctic Circle! And Peggy, at one time I had read every one of Deborah McCrombie's books, although I've probably missed the last one or two.

Did I mention that I received two books I had ordered from Amazon and yesterday while waiting in the surgical center's waiting room read half of Barb Thacker's "How can I be lost when I don't know where I'm going". It is excellent and makes me want to set out on a cross country trip immediately. It also makes me determined to visit the Atlantic Provinces in the future, something I've always wanted to do. I think the Atlantic Provinces used to be called the Maritimes, and include Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, and I'm not sure if New Brunswick is also included but I'd definitely take that province in as well. I have some maps from years back when I decided I wanted to see this part of North America, so one day I will get them out and plan my trip, at least in my mind. The cost of fuel is a deterrent though, as is going through Customs. It's not difficult to get into Canada, but returning is when the American Customs people can make you feel like they don't believe a word you are saying. Jim and Dee of "Tumbleweed" made this trip last year, and I'm going to go back and re-read their blog entries for that period.

Thanks to Maryann for reminding me that Goodwill is a source for used books. We have a local used bookstore that I sometimes visit, but their used books are priced on the high side, usually between $4 and $4.50 for a paperback! Of course, that's what I'm paying for the $0.01 used book I have coming from Amazon. At the library today I paid a quarter for a used paperback at the book sale. I almost bought a couple of books by Carlos Castaneda. I think I'd like to go back and re-read the first one, which is the closest I ever got to understanding a small inkling of anything Castaneda wrote although I enjoyed reading it. I guess the more stoned you are the better you understand, and I never did that stuff!

Teri also commented that Sharlene Minshall is known as the Silver Gypsy, and that she now tent camps with her grandchildren. Another person who has gone from an RV to a tent. There must be something about it!

Speaking of solo women who travel, I viewed some of Ara's photos from Europe yesterday. She has various friends she's met up with, but she wanted to see Venice and did it on her own! Same way with Paris (where she is currently visiting), she was determined to go there and ended up going by herself. She has met a lot of interesting and great people that way, and I'm so proud that she can do it solo - at least some of the time. I know from experience that taking that first step by yourself is always hard to do, but the rewards are great. She certainly is my "Little Gypsy" and I'm so proud of her.

I am SO procrastinating getting my camping things together. It reminds me of school and waiting until the night before a paper was due to even start writing it. I always told myself it was my best way to work.


  1. Better get to Crater Lake before the snow begins to fly. :)

  2. The Maritimes are still called the Maritimes and consist of PEI, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. We are planning to go to PEI sometime this Fall and possible Cape Breton Is. which is part of NS. I expect the gas to be pricier than it is here in Ontario and it will be different to be out in the wilds many miles from any cities while in PEI.

    Enjoy your time at Lassen and camping if you go.

  3. You're going to be soiled after having a cabin at Lassen. But I agree with Judy, get to Crater Lake quickly or you'll get snowed in. Hae a wonderful time.

  4. Having been to the Maritimes I can vouch for the beauty there. Especially Nova Scotia's Cabot Trail. I took a trip to the East Coast in my old Volkswagon Camper back in the mid 80's. Went by myself & had the best vacation ever:))

  5. To confirm that Sandra said, the Atlantic provinces are the Maritimes plus Newfoundland and Labrador. I only just learned myself that NFLD is not part of 'the Maritimes.'

    It's a beautiful area; hope you get to visit it one day. You'll never forget the colour of the soil on PEI.

  6. We really had a great time in Canada. The border was easy and I worried about it too.

    Going into Canada

    Back in the States


  7. Marti, don't forget that the local library sells used books too, usually paperbacks are 25 or 50 cents. BTW, thanks again for those books by the Silver Gypsy. I enjoyed them. I think that I will read them again and pass them on.

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