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Monday, August 20, 2012

The Redding Fire and deja vu

I learned that Butte Lake Campground in Lassen NP is closed because of the fire, and that this is part of the Redding fire as opposed to the Ponderosa fire I wrote about yesterday. I think the campground is closed because highway 44 has been closed in some places. The campground is accommodating lots of fire fighting equipment and crews at this time. It brings back so many memories and a few shudders although I was never in danger but didn't know that at the time.

The ranger who drove in to close and secure the campground in 2009 told me he came through fire that was crossing Hwy 44, and that the smoke was so red, fiery, and thick he couldn't see through it. He said it might have been like driving through hell. By the time I drove that way when I left, there were fires still burning on both sides of the road but nothing to seriously stop me. The county police who had set up a roadblock in Old Station let me go through and assured me I would be ok. Thankfully I had Lady riding with me although it was similar to having a child to worry about.

Speaking of children, some of the volunteer crews are just that: children. I'm not sure if they have to be 18 or not, but many of them look much younger. They trudge through the forests and over rough trails carrying heavy equipment, and look like they could pass out on the spot by the time they return in the evening. My heart really hurt when I saw what they had to go through, and this was just leaving and arriving back at the campground. Their faces would be blackened by smoke by the end of the day, and it must have been a really tough job.

I think that many, if not most of them are volunteers, sort of like sending the Reserve Army into a war zone. In both situations they risk injury and death, and have little control over when they will be called. I truly believe that all who put themselves in harm's way so that the rest of us don't have to, are heroes and I salute them all. That includes law enforcement and fire department personnel.

The mailman just drove by and didn't leave me a book. Maybe tomorrow. The thing I hate about buying anything online is having to wait. When I want it, I want it now! Good thing I'm a patient person.

Speaking of books, Luci&Loree left a comment suggesting author Sue Henry, who writes mysteries with a heroine who lives in Alaska and travels in an RV with her dachshund Stretch. That rang a bell with me because a few years back I read a book about a woman who lived in Alaska and traveled in a Minnie Winnie. I think the book I read took place in Hawaii though (where she had to rent a Minnie Winnie, lol - can't drive one to Hawaii). Thanks to everyone for their comments and suggestions for books.


  1. Gypsy--that is one of Sue Henry's books. I wish she would get some more out. I think there are three Maxie McNabb and Stretch books but she has written quite a few others that are set in Alaska. Maxie and Stretch were a spin off from those earlier books.

  2. Those are great books too. I just don't seem to be quick on the draw here. I've read both the National Parks of Navada Barr and the Sue Henry Maxie & Stretch books. Fun all the way around. Isn't it great when people recommend books to one another. I've got to put my thinking cap on.

  3. You have been more places, done more things, and have seen so much; more than anyone I know. Instead of reading books you should be writing them.

  4. Instant gratification: why I love my Kindle!

    I have downloaded about 200 freebies....and a lot of them are pretty good. Have enough reading for a while!

    Of course, there is always something about holding a "real" book on one's hands that the Kindle will NEVER replace.(?)

    Love your blog...so glad you have continued it.

  5. You may be thinking of Sharlene Minshall. She traveled extensively in Alaska, as well as many other places. Give a quick Google search and you will find out plenty about her and her books.

    I don't know if she is still there, but at the time we had our lot at the Escapee campground near Wickenburg, she was a resident there.

    Amazon seems to have a lot of her books.