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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Friday, Aug. 3:
I just got back from a huge Shell gas station/convenience store/Burger King where I sent off a post. That place is expensive - $2.39 for a gal. of Crystal Spring water ($.98 in Sac.), and gas was $4.19. I hope it’s cheaper than that when I need to fill up again.

Before I left I put everything away except for a small bag of trash, including my coffee filter and a couple of paper towels. When I got back everything was strewn on the ground. I also realized I left my vitamins/supplements in Ziploc bags on the table, and whatever it was even took those. I divide up the pills for the day into a.m., noon, and p.m., with most of them being taken in the morning. So the birds/mice/squirrels got a good dose of fish oil capsule, calcium, vit. D, iron, aspirin, and vit.C. I can’t believe I did that!

I decided to put on my jeans this morning until the sun warmed the day. I had washed and line dried them, then folded the to pack. When I tried to put them on, it was like breaking starch! Imagine me in my tent balanced on one leg while trying to get the other one to go through the pants leg. Finally got it, but then I had the other leg to do. Meanwhile, I’m doing a jig that would make an Irishman proud, and trying not to fall on my rear! There is no one in sight, and I could have just sat out at the picnic table to put the jeans on.
A campground is not the place for me to be on a weekend. This one has been relatively quiet since I arrived on Wednesday, except for a very large extended family group with many kids at at least 10 dogs, some of which bark constantly when the families go off and leave some of them behind. Fortunately this group is way in the back of the loop and is very friendly.

The campground host left the day I arrived and a new host is expected tomorrow. I remember why I don’t want another camp host job. It’s called “weekends”.

Sat., Aug. 4:
The CG was very quiet last night but this morning it’s a different story. The two sites down from me are occupied by a couple of guys and 5 boys, about 10-11 yrs old. I raised 3 sons, so I can let a lot of things go by, especially the noise, but this morning two of them ran right into my site, one chasing the other and running around my tent. There is not much space around the tent to begin with, the slope to the creek on one side, and trees on the other. I could just imagine one of them tripping over a tent stake and pulling the whole thing down, so I said “You shouldn’t be running through other people’s campsites.” They left without a word.

You may remember when I decided I’d go ahead and be an old lady, and wear my glasses on a chain. Yesterday I was talking to a young man, probably 18 or 19, about the CG’s registration process, which sites were reserved, etc. When he left he said “I really like your beaded chain. My girlfriend does beading.” So now it doesn’t matter what anyone else says or thinks about the chain, this cute kid liked it!

I'm back at the Burger King and decided to eat an early supper here so I don't have to cook. I remember when I thought BK was good but times sure have changed. One thing I'm going to have to do is figure out some decent camping food that doesn't require a lot of preparation or cleanup.

Just finished this excuse for a hamburger and now I will go pay the exhorbitant price for a couple of bags of ice and a 6-pack of something. They don't carry my favorite so I might try something new, like PBR!

Back with ya in a couple of days.


  1. Oh my ... You are the big Meanie Granny on the site up the road! LOL ... I woulda done the same thing-----

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. Would I be close if I guessed PBR at meaning Pabst Blue Ribbon?? Sounds like you had a better chance of pulling the tent down with your groovy 'Jean's Dance' than those kid's did running around your tent:))

  3. Had to laugh out loud about the glasses chain. :) You go, granny!!!

  4. Wow gas is high out your way. I thought it was high here today when i filled up at $3.399.

  5. Love the jig story. I can just picture you doing the dance. I figure I'll eventually be wearing my glasses on a chain but I'm going to get me a bright colored one that nobody can miss. lol

  6. We need a picture of this approved glasses chain. I'm in the market for one and want to make sure I'm as cool a granny as you are! :-)

    Try the noodles you just add water to and soups and the freeze dried back packer food. I use all of that for kayak camping. It's easy and for the most part very good eating. Do you like oatmeal? Add raisins and water.

  7. Burger King has the best sandwich called double-stacker. Not big- just right. We drove 40 miles round trip this week twice to get one. Their new frys are also awesome. Side salads fresh. Now I did it, I'M HUNGRY!

  8. Gypsy, Way to go you over the hiller just likie me. & as far as i'm concerened you can do the Irish jig anytime you waqnt to putting on your jeans LOL. Find some trail food gal & perpare it yourselfe at your rv site. no more greasy BK hamburgers. & I used to like PBR also. So just keep going Gal. Catch Ya Later. (Shiloh)

  9. Ok, I did it. I pictured you danc'n round in the tent and ....."my God woman, git some clothes on".

    You were much kinder than the old Billy Bob would have been with them kids run'n round the tent...."GIT OFF MY LAND"!!!!

    Sad to say, but Burger King ain't like it used to be. Once my fav burger, now is just another burger.

    Billy Bob was here....

  10. Well, at least you gave those animals a healthy day of eating:)

  11. What fun catching up with you !!! Hahaaa love it ...