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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Books; fires; etc.

Reader Judilyn left me a comment about the author Sharlene Minshall. I think she is known as the Silver Fox or something similar, and yes, she did RV extensively in Alaska. When I first began to think about full timing in an RV, I was directed to this author who inspired me to think I could do the same thing. A big difference, however, was the fact that while Minshall is older than I am, she started out RVing at a much younger age than I did. It makes a difference no matter what anyone tells me. If you're the exception to the rule then more power to you. Sharlene also traveled in a motorhome, and I think my experiences might have been different if I had chosen a Class A or C to travel in rather than the 5th wheel. As they say, "you don't have to get out in order to get in", meaning that you can pull into a rest area or Walmart parking lot or wherever, and have access to your RV without anyone knowing if you're a man, woman, family, or what.

I very much admired, and still do, the fact that a solo woman RVer would make the trip to Alaska numerous times. She seemed to never have had a problem although there are a lot more RVers traveling to Alaska now, and the increased traffic is bound to make a difference. I read all three of her books and then passed them on to another woman who was planning to RV as a solo.

I am having one of the laziest days on record. I woke up at 6 am as usual, but stayed in bed two more hours! I would fall asleep for half an hour and then wake up, and that type of sleep isn't restful to me. I'll make up for it tomorrow as I'm staying at my daughter's house tonight, and driving her to out-patient surgery at 5:15 am! I'll take a couple of books with me and just hang out in the waiting room. I haven't decided about the computer and might just not take it.

I copied and pasted my post yesterday about the fires to my oldest son, and got a reply back from him this morning, setting me straight about a couple of things I wrote:

"The firefighters are all probably over 18. I think there is probably an OSHA law. As far as I know they are paid. The NPS I think as well as some states bring them on the payroll for the summer. They then get sent around the country to go to various fires. They are probably augmented by the local departments, which have volunteers. Also in California there is a robust mutual aid system, so firefighters from around the state deploy to assist other agencies during fires. I was down at Fort Hunter Liggett one year and saw hundreds of trucks from throughout the state there."

So while some of the crew I saw at Lassen may have looked like children, they were adults.

Yesterday while it was still cool enough, I sat on my porch and cleaned and sno-sealed my boots. No, I'm not planning to be traipsing around in the snow, but the treatment is for waterproofing and I might be in rain. They look too clean and pretty to wear in a dusty campground or trail, but I'll manage. I like to take good care of my boots because they were made in Italy, and I'll never find another boot in my lifetime that isn't made in China. Besides, I don't want to have to break in another pair of boots. I just wish I could find boot laces that don't constantly come untied, but I suppose I could double knot them as one does for kids.

I just had lunch and am still in my pajamas, so I should do something about that. I need to pack whatever I will be taking with me for a stay of one, possibly two days. I may even get my camera back! There are probably 500 photos on the card by now - all of Autumn and her first week of school.

Thanks again for all the comments and suggestions. And Dizzy-Dick, thank you so much for your kind words yesterday.


  1. Could kick m'self for not getting a passport ... I would have gone for sure to Alaska. I have a pal living in Homer, Alaska...

    Well? 500 shots of Autumn on her first day of school is about right... HAhaaaa... and I agree with Dick Dick .. you ought to write a book!~

  2. I think lazy days are just wonderful. When I was working, I had a 'stay in my pajamas until noon day' as often as I could manage it on the week-ends. Now we can do it any time we want and I vote that we should and never feel guilty. We've earned it!

    Very interesting information from your son about the fire fighters.

    I've always wanted to read Sharlene's books but never have. I'll have to see if I can fix that. I wonder if the kindle folks have access to her books? That's what I worry about with a Kindle, that I can't get the things I want to read and I don't want to read just ANYTHING.

  3. Bless the firefighters whatever age.

    Age: I often say that there's a wide age gap between a new born and a kindergartner. Then, it starts to close as we get older. The gap reappears, in my opinion (or experience maybe) between 65 and 70.

    Sort of like taking Jack out west when he was 9 rather than 11 (which is a wide gap for a dog).

    I'd encourage women to solo at the youngest age possible and in the best healthy they can.

    I like lazy days, too. :)

  4. Don't think I've ever stayed in my PJ's all morning unless I was sick as a kid. Just not in my DNA. First thing in the morning after making the mandatory pit stop, I brush my teeth and get dressed. But then I'm a morning person that likes to stay up late at night. Go figure....

  5. I've done the PJ's all day thing - in fact, did it my 2 days off last week when my cat was sick. About 6 months ago I read on Sharlene's blog - The Silver Gypsy - that she now tent camps with her grandkids - she is living at one of the Escapees Ranches in Arizona, I think.

  6. Sharlene Minshall is the Silver Gypsy. :-)

    Sue Henry also wrote the Jessie Arnold mysteries that are set in Alaska. The very last one I read, Degrees of Separation, included Maxie and Stretch.

    And, if you like British mysteries, check out Deborah Crombie's books. She's American, but you'd never know it reading her books. It's like you're there.

    And, a most unusual series, Bryant & May, Christopher Fowler. They work at the Peculiar Crimes Unit. The first one I read I picked up at Border's going out of business sale, Bryant & May on the Loose. Took it to London that year. The mystery is set at King's Cross Station and we took the Eurostar from St. Pancras Station, next door to King's Cross. The detail is so accurate, we could have done a walking tour using the book. The books are different, though, and probably not for everybody. I get a kick out of them.

    My favorite of Nevada Barr's books are the early ones in the series. Loved the one about Lake Superior. That's just me, though.

    Happy reading! Peggy

  7. It`s like my Dad told me Marti, when the policemen look like boy scouts you know you are getting older. I imagine the same goes for fire fighters. I know a lot of our fire fighters in Alberta go to other jurisdictions both in Canada and the US to help with fires.

  8. Every body looks young to me. Now that IS carry!!!

  9. I think your experiences would have been different as well had you had a Class C or A. Having had a fifth wheel & travel trailer in the past we well know the dis-advantages of 'having to get out to get in'. Still think a small Class C would be just the ticket for you.

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