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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Made a cake today!

After picking up the rest of the ingredients I needed I followed Billy Bob's recipe for chocolate cherry cake. What a cake it turned out to be! I had a big supper, followed by two big ol' pieces of cake, and I will probably have some with my ice cream a little later. That cake is delicious, moist and just plain beautiful! Thank you Billy Bob, but holy crap, what am I going to do with all that cake! It will take me about 3 days, at 3 meals a day, to finish it. I'm not used to a lot of sweets in my diet and may die of sugar overload!

Nothing else going on today - I walked my mile and a half this morning, and may do it again tomorrow, but I'll take a break on the weekend. There is no incentive to be out in the heat so I read an entire book today, and have several more from the library plus two coming from Amazon in the next day or two. It's frustrating to try to read as it's best in direct sunlight. I sat on the porch this morning while it was cool but the daylight was bright.

My granddaughter Autumn started school this morning, and I'm anxious to hear how her first day of kindergarten went. Both she and my oldest grandson in NY have started losing their baby teeth. They look so cute when they smile, especially when they aren't aware of how cute they look.

Well since my supper has settled a little bit I think I will go get me another thin slice of cake! God, it's so good, and I have Billy Bob to thank for the recipe! Thank ya, darlin'.


  1. Sure glad you made BB's cake and liked it. He can "fix" anything including cake.

  2. I bet that cake would freeze really well. Sure sounds good.

  3. So now you've got your cake and can eat it too. :)

  4. yeah... I just saw Sandie's comment... freeze it. I could make short work of it but toooo far away

  5. Oh YUM cake three times a day. Sounds fabulous! If I were there I'd sure help you eat it.

    A book a day. WOW you are some reader. So let us in on what you are reading from the library and amazon. I'm a bibliophile and love to know what people read.