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Friday, August 24, 2012

Getting ready

I still haven't done much except to go through the clothes I'm taking with me - including some cold weather clothes. I found my khaki pants that the Park service prefers the camp hosts to wear, but they had been folded and put in a drawer after laundering, and the wrinkles bothered me, or I should say the horizontal creases in the pants legs from being folded. I know I will only be there for a week and no one is going to even notice the pants I'm wearing, but I would be bothered by those creases.

I got out my iron and ironing board. I rarely iron - in fact, I bought a new iron about a year and a half ago and I'm sure I've only tried it out once or twice at most. I can't read the lettering for the controls so I got my flashlight and figured out what the settings are. While I'm at it I decided to iron a couple of blouses that are 85% cotton and 15% linen - they are from Land's End and have to be at least 20 years old. With the beautiful fabric they are, they just get better as they get older. I would never ever get rid of anything I have that was made in the U.S., but I take good care of my clothes and they rarely need to be replaced. Good thing I don't go for trendy clothes.

Speaking of clothes, I've been buying a T-shirt from each of the National Parks and Forests I've been to this year. I started it with one from Hudson Valley, NY and the FDR gift shop, and continue to a couple from the Eldorado Forest. My favorite says on the front, "May The Forest Be With You". I'm wearing it right now!

When I mentioned yesterday that I'd like to plan a trip to the Atlantic Provinces I also mentioned that Tumbleweed Jim & Dee had been there, and that I wanted to go back and read their blog from that trip. Dee graciously sent me the link to their blog beginning with crossing the border.

I also heard from Canadians Sandra and Rae, confirming that the Maritimes are Prince Edward Island (PEI), New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia, and that the Atlantic Provinces are the Maritimes plus Newfoundland and Labrador. I wish I had the funds to visit all of them!

My granddaughter should be back in Germany now (Munich) and will soon be on her way back to the U.S. She had been warned by everyone she talked to that Parisians can be less than helpful to tourists, but that wasn't her experience. She had helpful assistance whenever she needed it, and even from folks young and old who spoke very little English but tried to communicate with her and help out. Of course she is 22 and gorgeous, with a beautiful smile and a dimple, and I might not find as much help if I went to Paris, but I'm grateful for the kindness shown to my granddaughter. And I realize I, like most Americans, misjudge Parisians and throw them all into one box. Gotta quit doing that.


  1. Well I am a long way from young and beautiful and I found Parisians to be amongst the friendliest folks we met on our vacation this summer. My French is non-existent but I did try to make an effort to learn as much as I could and the French were so appreciative of my bumbling attempts they were more than willing to help an old Canadian cowboy figure out just what it was he wanted. Of course the fact that I was traveling with my beautiful wife may have helped them have a little more sympathy for my efforts.

  2. It is going to be a great trip. After all this heat here, I would not mind thinking a bit about needing some warmer clothes:)

  3. Me too! Want to go to all the Atlantic Provinces I mean. I had intended to go on up after Maine this summer but then we all know what happened to that. Hope you get to go. Hope I do too.

    You are going to have a drawer full of Tshirts if you get one from every National Park or Wild Life Refuge. You are free to go anywhere you want and have a good time. I know you will.

  4. T shirts are my downfall. Of course maybe I can just have another quilt made. :)

    For my first four years on the road, I ironed all my shorts and slacks every Sunday. I quit doing that, but the wrinkles still bother me...

  5. Wrinkles don't bother me in the least. The thought of ironing something makes me shudder. It's neat your granddaughter is having such a wonderful summer. She definitely has your gypsy spirit.

  6. It is so good to see you so fired up and excited again. Wish we could come by and say hi. I'm glad you won't be bothered by all these leg cramps. Can't wait to read about all your adventures. Now I can read again, thanks to MiFi.

  7. Well?! I just ditto everything Sandie said ;)