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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New blog

No, not mine, but "Little Gypsy's On the Road Again". I wish my granddaughter well in keeping a record of her journeys, and I know she will soon surpass me.

My sister Amy held a pool party & cook-out at her house today. I didn't go in the pool, and neither did Lady although I wondered if she would try.

My digital camera was giving me trouble so I took most of the pictures with a film camera. I'll post them when I finish the roll and get the photos developed.

I'm cutting this post short because I'm tired and my house was still pretty hot when I got home. Later -


  1. Lady is very discriminating. She prefers the beautiful lakes rather than swimming pools.

  2. Check Ace Hardware for some of the stuff you need. We've learned they have great items and some are less or same as Walmart/and others.

  3. Too bad about that digital camera so far. Hope you can get that resolved. Wished I was closer to help you switch to digital photography using Picasa, etc.

  4. Love Little Gypsy's blog title. What a tribute to you. I'll say it again, I sure wish my Carrie had had a grandmother like you. Don't we all??

    I'm with you and Lady. I'm not much for swimming pools. The chlorine really does a number on my skin.

  5. On a hot day, you would have found me in the pool cooling off. :)

  6. Lady loves RIVERS.... this I know for a fact!

    Karen and Stevbe
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  7. Like Sherry says, it may be the smell of chlorine in the water that keeps Lady out of the pool.