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Friday, July 6, 2012

Car Wash; Food for Camping

I don't know what a lot of processed food will do to me because I certainly bought a lot of food that I haven't eaten in years, if ever. But for a week I think I can live on packaged and canned foods. They are things I can cook up in one pot, and hopefully I won't have to deal with leftovers. Remember the Underwood Deviled Ham in the little tin? Well I did look at the label and nearly choked on the percentage of fat, but I did buy the deviled chicken spread to go on Wheat Thins. For breakfast I will have Raisin Bran, and I nearly got to the checkout without passing the Pop Tarts!

On the way home I stopped at the Shell car wash. I had used some Bounce dryer sheets yesterday to attack some of the bugs that were getting a free ride, and got most of them off. The car was actually so dirty I could barely tell what was still there. I don't normally like automatic car washes. Back in New York, the Hess station where I usually bought gas had a car wash, and you could just have it added to your card when purchasing gas. The receipt came out with a code that you punched in at the wash station, and you got a fairly decent car wash.

This thing was different - you pay at the wash with a card or cash. There were 3 options, the most costly and the most stuff done to your car cost $9.99, so I put in a $10 bill. It kept telling me to push the selection key, but I couldn't get it to "select". I alternated between pushing the key and also the "push button for assistance" option, with no results. I then tried selecting the $7.99 deluxe wash and it worked, plus it sounded like I hit 3 cherries on a slot machine when the quarters in change came tumbling down.

I have to say that it isn't really a very good wash and I'm glad I didn't spend $9.99 for it, but it got rid of a lot of the road dust from Montana, Idaho & Oregon road construction. Now I need to vacuum and empty everything out so I can begin to pack for camping. A last minute run to the store on Sunday for milk, 1/2 & 1/2, ice and beer will complete the preparations, and all I have to do is leave on Monday and enjoy. You might hear me singing along with Willie - "On the Road Again".


  1. Looks like we will both be camping next week, hope you didn't forget the High Life Light, and also that there is water to get into to keep cool. Have a great week. Be thinking of you and Lady... Sam & Donna...

  2. You and Lady are going to have such a great time. And a pop tart or two or three is good for you. I said so.

  3. I spent my morning at the grocery also stocking up for my week of camping with my sister and b-i-l. Came home with more than what was on my list. I decided not to read labels. :)

  4. Sounds like you are set to go. I know I'm set to follow you along 'on the road again'. You two are going to have a GREAT time!

  5. hah... remember Spam? well? it's still being made but that's what my Mother and Dad used to pack when we went camping... fried it right up

    oh, and those little weiner things... ah Vienna Sausages...

  6. Those tuna pouches are pretty good and you can get them small enough for one meal on toast or a salad... since I have been buying them, I don't bother with canned tuna anymore.

    Karen and Steve
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