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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Looking back at old blog posts

Last night I read my old posts from the several months in 2009 when I worked as a camp host at Lassen NP. I really love that park and that campground, but I mostly worked 7 days a week because there was no one to cover for me if I left. In reading the entries I can see my mood and outlook going down over the time I was there, and partly that was because I didn't take my 2 days a week and go exploring. Even when I drove the 100 mile round trip to Susanville or Burney for supplies, I sandwiched the trips into my work day.

I met some very wonderful people, both co-workers and campers. I met some really crappy campers, and it is amazing when you think of how you act, speak, and treat others can have such an influence on how they feel. I always tried to be friendly and cheerful, and I think I did well at that, but those few cheating, lying, and thieving campers and their delinquent kids really had a negative effect on me.

It will be interesting to go back there now as a regular camper, and I hope I meet some of the really friendly and nice folks that I know will be there.

My son Steve came over today to fix a minor plumbing problem with the drain pipe, and then packed the camping gear in the back of my Highlander. Later I looked over my list and started crossing out the items that were already in the car and realized I had no idea where my Coleman stove or lantern were. I found the lantern in the house, and after about 5 searches in the shed I finally found the stove. There are still some things I need to pack, as well as last minute items to buy tomorrow.

I had planned to pack clothing for both warm and cool weather but a check of the temps at Butte Lake show that it is about the same as here in Sac - 90's during the day and 50's overnight. It's hard to believe that 6000 ft elevation wouldn't make more of a difference. I won't feel the need to be driving around all the time and doing things, and look forward to relaxing and trying to stay cool. I know Lady will be happier.


  1. How is Lady feeling....is she up
    for this camping trip? I'm remembering her physical problems during your recent trip east.
    She must be a wonderful companion.
    Hope your camping trip is one of your best ones!

  2. Our dogs just love to travel, especially the oldest one. I guess Lady feels the same way.

  3. It sounds like you are ready to roll. Looking forward to your posts from there, camping again, especially since you were a workcamper there.

    Drive safe. :)

  4. What a great idea to go visit as a camper a place where you once were a host. Sounds like you are getting things together for getting on your way.

  5. We're trying to get ready to head out in the morning and since I've been living in the house with Zoey all week, I have a ton of stuff to move back out to the fiver. Hope I get it all. It'll be interesting to read your posts about camping at Lassen and your perspective as a camper rather than a host.

  6. Yeah, the bad campers are the reason I don't see me being a camp host any time in the future. I'm not a people person in the best of times. Have fun. I know I want to go back to some places, and even come back here to Honduras, when I'm not trying to work at the same time. Different perspective for sure.