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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Another hot one

At 8:30 pm it is still 95F in Sacramento, which is really unusual as it normally cools down when daylight is on the wane. I got some items together today that I can use for camping, and will probably leave on Tuesday morning. I need to get my car serviced tomorrow morning as the "Check Engine" light is on. I hope the mechanic can bypass that for next time. I as just about at the recommended odometer reading and have been watching it, and don't need an orange light to tell me I need an oil change.

I was impressed at how Jeannie & Donald were so organized with all they brought to Lassen, packing like items in large plastic totes. That made it so much easier to unload and unload the car as well as the bear box. So today I bought a box for food items rather than carry it in grocery bags. The tote is large enough to hold what I need for a few days, but small enough that I should easily be able to lift and move it.

Jeanne invited me over early in the afternoon as she planned to Skype Ara in Germany. The video never worked properly and caused problems with the audio, so we just ended up going with the audio. This morning Ara took a train to Essen where she was met by a genealogist relative on my husband's side of the family. I've never met him but hope to do so one day. She was ecstatic about her visit, and how easy they were to talk with. Of course they were impressed with her flawless German! She noticed right away the similarities between Bernd and her "Papa", (Bill, my ex). I'm so glad she was able to meet them, and hope she will be able to travel to the south of Germany to meet the relatives on my Dad's side of the family. It kind of makes me want to go back to Germany some day, although I'm running out of years to do it (plus the fact that I'd have to go through the airport scene).

As hot as it has been there is a very large window on one side of the living room that had the screen removed. I think I took it down in anticipation of painting this last segment of the house, but found so much water damage to the paneling I realized I need to get the roof fixed and then replace the paneling before painting. I never re-hung the screen, telling myself I couldn't handle it because of the size.

It got hot enough today and I wanted to be able to open the windows, so in desperation I went out and got the screen, and managed to get it inside the house. Grabbed a small step stool and a variety of screws and screwdrivers (no telling what I did with the original screws I removed when taking the screen down.) I started at the top middle of the screen, then added screws along the top, along the bottom, and down the sides. I also had to remove the window cranks and re-attach them through the screen. I couldn't tell you where the energy came to do all this, but I did it and I did a damn good job! I've been underestimating myself the past few years, or maybe it's just that desperation took hold of me.

It isn't much better with the window open as the fans I've set up strategically around the room just pull the hot air into the house and swirl it around. But I think it's marginally better, so I can say "Good job, Marty!


  1. Set one fan to pull air in and one fan to push the air out another window, this is how I had it set up in an upstairs bedroom in my house in IL and it worked great.

  2. I would die in that heat ... I never liked hit weather and now with this jacket weather? I'd die. Cold all day finally got up to 63! Unbelievable ....

    Feels good to accomplish something that smart! ;)

  3. Some of us folks often have a habit of underestimating ourselves & there are occasions where we grab the bull by the horns & end up totally surprising ourselves. Not everything comes off without a hitch but when they do we sure can feel that nice warm glow of accomplishment inside.

  4. P.S. Like your new header photo:))

  5. Good for you and great job! Sure wonder when the hot temps are going to "normalize", maybe this is the new norm for summers...ugh!

  6. Yep, it's always nice to figure something out and make the fix without having to ask for help. Good job!

  7. Under estimating yourself is safer than over estimating.

  8. Whew 95 that late in the day. No wonder you are movin' on out. I think the bins sound like a great idea.

    Glad to hear Ara is having such a great time in Germany. I didn't do enough traveling overseas when I was her age and I don't think my Carrie did either. We were both too busy going to school. I wonder about the wisdom of that now.

    Congrats on that screen. I too find that I can do more than I think I can.

  9. It's amazing what we can do when we put our mind to it. Good job!

  10. Always hated to have to call on someone for help. So i pushed too. Good for you.
    Way too hot without AC. That sounds like Tx weather,,,lol.But,,i have the AC.

  11. Any chance you could make it over to Germany while Ara is there? I think that would be well worth the airport screening...it doesn't take that long and a good positive attitude might even make it enjoyable :)